Bella Hadid Is Being Accused Of Saying The N-Word While At Coachella

Bella Hadid spent last weekend in the desert at Coachella with a gaggle of other celebrities.

Video has surfaced of Hadid and her friends at Coachella. The video shows Hadid rapping to Lil Wayne’s “Rich as F**k” and saying the N-word during the song.

It’s hard to tell if Hadid actually said the N-word because the music is very loud, but she is definitely moving her mouth when the Wayne raps the word so you can be the judge of it all.

The video starts in the middle of Lil Wayne’s verse at, “my cups up, my n****s down for whatever / These bitches think they’re too fly, well, tell them hoes I pluck feathers / I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Trukfit, fuck Gucci / She’s blowing kisses at me with her pussy lips, smooches / And that’s 2 Chainz.”

If you rewatch the video with the lyrics you can see Hadid moving her mouth when the N-word is rapped. After that verse, she noticed her friend is filming and stops rapping along and poses. Again, it’s not clear if she did say the N-word, this is the footage that people are basing their accusations off of.

This isn’t the first problematic behavior Hadid has had. The Twitter user who tweeted out the video also added some past tweets of Hadid’s where she said the N-word and other racially problematic things.

The tweets are from a while ago, but Hadid can easily go delete them or address how she had grown since then. Hadid has shown recent problematic behavior besides this video. She recently debuted her new alter ego Rebekka Harajuku. Using Harajuku, a cultural capital in Japan, for a fake identity of a white girl is not a good move.

Using the N-word if you’re white is more of an obvious no-no than using Harajuku. If you’re not black saying the N-word is unacceptable even if it’s in a song that you’re singing along too.

The N-word is a racial slur and no one except black people should be saying it.

Another Twitter user pointed out how it took Hadid less than a day to dismiss a rumor that she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend The Weekend at Coachella but has been silent about the video showing her possibly saying the N-word.

What do you think? Did Hadid say the N-word?

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