These High School Students Are Perfectly Protesting Their School’s Dress Code

Teen Vogue

On April 2 Lizzy Martinez didn’t wear a bra to her high school, Braden River High Scool in Bradenton, Florida thinking it would be no big deal. She’s gone braless to school multiple times and never had a problem. But that day she was pulled out of class and taken to the principal’s office. There she was forced to put on another shirt and then jump around so the dean could see if her boobs were noticeable. Afterward, she was brought to the nurse’s office and told to put band-aids over her nipples.

Martinez is turning her sexist dress code experience into a movement. She along with students from her school are holding a “bracott” to protest the sexist dress code.

The bracott happened this past Monday and was to “show support for the destigmatization of natural bodies.” To participate in the boycott people either didn’t wear a bra, put band-aids over their shirts or wore clothes with a message.

Martinez talked to Teen Vogue about how the protest went down. “Almost every girl I talked to wasn’t wearing a bra.” Teen Vogue also talked to the school’s director of communications, Michael Barber about the protest. “The day was completely uneventful, and no Braden River High students were disciplined in any for anything to do with the alleged protest.”

Looks like the students peacefully protested and weren’t met with any pushback from the school’s administration. Even boys at Martinez’s school who couldn’t go braless supported the movement. Students even spoke to the Bradenton Herald voicing their support.

Her tweet supporting the bracott was received with mix reviews. Many people responded saying they support her movement, but there were also lots of trolls. Martinez’s education was placed second to the boys’ education when she was pulled out of class for not wearing a bra. It also sexualized her body. Breasts are natural and shouldn’t be stigmatized, and that’s what the bracott is all about.

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