Syracuse University Suspend A Fraternity For A Racist, Homophobic & Anti-Semitic Video

The Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse has been suspended because a video of the fraternity’s brothers making racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks as posted by the school’s newspaper The Daily Orange.

In the video, the frat members are acting out a skit of how the fraternity came to with their pledges. At one point a pledge is on his knees in front of another member who his holding something in front of his crotch the represent a penis.

After making the pledge give him a fake blow job he asks the pledge, “Do you know the oath?” The pledge says he does and says, “F**k black people” and then said the same towards Hispanic people by using a slur. Everyone in the room laughed.

The brother says he’s close but doesn’t know the full oath, so he recites it for him and makes him repeat after. Then he starts the oath by declaring he will “always have hatred in my heart” for black people and Hispanics and of course he used slurs. He stopped and stated that the most important group of people to hate are Jews. The oath was met with applause and laughter.

Then the video shows one brother calling two pledges a Jewish slur and telling them to “get in the shower” referencing the gas showers like in the Holocaust. The next bit is making fun of homophobia and having gay sex.

There is a slew of other slurs and derogatory language used in the video. The video was initially posted in a secret Facebook group for the Theta Tau fraternity brothers called “Tau of Theta Tau.” Even if your Facebook group is private and locked doesn’t mean it won’t eventually get out. The video is very graphic and is riddled with slurs, so if you want to view it proceed with caution.

Wednesday morning Chancellor Kent Syverud sent out an email announcing the fraternity’s suspension and that the university is working toward identifying all the people in the video “to take additional legal and disciplinary action.”

The footage was obtained and shown to the university and wasn’t released to the public until today. The chancellor’s email is what made the student body aware of the video. A protest occurred today demanding that the video is released. The Daily Orange published it during the protest.

The newspaper also criticized the school’s handling of the video, specifically Syverud’s response and how the culture at Syracuse manifests and encourages this type of behavior.

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