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At some point, whether you were dancing at a frat party or relaxing at a bar, Avicii most likely came on the speakers. Born as Tim Bergling, the DJ was known for his EDM hits like “Wake Me Up,” “Without You” and “Lonely Together.” On April 20, 2018, his publicist announced that he had died in Oman. The DJ had been working on new music up until this point which makes the news all the more sudden.

While there are few details about his passing, the only thing that’s clear is that the talented producer was taken from us too soon.

Avicii Net Worth 2018: $85 Million

Let’s see how he earned his successful career.

Early Life

Avicii was born in Sweden and began his career at a young age. By 16, he was producing and a year later, he had already been signed to a label. In 2010, his releases were making top charts in Europe. In a VEVO interview, he said he chose the stage name Avicii because it means “the lowest level of Buddhist hell.” In the same interview, he’s said that during his start, he’d first been inspired by house music blogs.

Avicii started off producing music before eventually becoming a DJ, in which a challenge was “learning how a crowd differs in different parts of the world.”

2008 – 2012


Once Avicii turned 18, he almost instantly started touring, his first gig being at a club in Miami. His big break came with the track “Levels”, and he started gaining popularity in Europe.

By 2012, Avicii was garnering attention in the States. His collaboration with French DJ David Guetta resulted in their single “Sunshine” being nominated for a Grammy.

2012 – 2014


In 2012, Avicii began performing at American music festivals, from Ultra to Lollapalooza while his singles began making the Billboard charts. The same year, he became the first DJ to headline Radio City Music Hall.

Avicii was now internationally recognized and won an American Music Award for favorite EDM Music Artist. The list of stars he was collaborating with began lengthening and in 2014, he collaborated with Coldplay for the band’s single “A Sky Full of Stars.”

2014 – Present


By 2014, the stardom that accompanied Avicii since a young age began taking its toll. Billboard reported that he suffered from acute pancreatitis as a result of heavy drinking. His gallbladder and appendix were removed, and he canceled the remaining shows he had for the year though he continued to release new music.

In 2016, Avicii announced his retirement from touring and a year later, his site posted, “Last year I quit performing live, and many of you thought that was it. But the end of live never meant the end of Avicii or my music…The next stage will be all about my love of making music to you guys. It is the beginning of something new.”

On April 20, it was confirmed that Avicii had passed away in Oman with currently unknown details. The DJ had impacted various continents with his music and was a revered collaborator in the music industry.

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