Beyonce’s Coachella Weekend 2 Performance Is Going To Be Different Than The First

Beyonce‘s Coachella performance for the first weekend broke records. She became the most-viewed Coachella performance ever with 458,000 viewers on the live stream. That’s a 75% spike from last year’s headline performer Lady Gaga, who stepped in for Bey when she dropped out due to her pregnancy.

She became the first black female to headline the festival. Her performance celebrated HBCU’s and black culture and featured songs from every album of her’s. Beyonce also brought out Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for a Destiny’s Child reunion, Jay-Z her husband came out for a song and her sister Solange hit the stage and danced the “Get Me Body” the extended version.

Needless to say, the show was iconic.

Beyonce is hitting the stage again for the second weekend of the festival and is allegedly going to be switching things up. One of Beyonce’s dancers, Jo’Artis Mijo Ratti, spoke to Variety about being one of Beyonce’s dancers and what’s in store for the second performance. “Yeah, we’re switching up a couple things, so there could still be a wow factor,” he said.

One of Beyonce’s bug-a-boo’s posted on Instagram after the weekend one performance that weekend two is “bout to be more wild.” He has since updated his post and deleted the part about weekend two.

During weekend one a Beyonce fan twitter account, @Bey___Legion, tweeted a backstage photo of Beyonce’s set list. The setlist featured a few songs that were not sung during her weekend one performance. The songs in question are, “Song For You,” “1+1,” “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Cater 2 U.”

A Destiny’s Child reunion part two is totally possible for this weekend. But don’t get your hopes up because Beyonce has sung just her part from those iconic Destiny’s Child songs before.

Beyonce’s weekend two performance will not be live streamed like weekend one. All you’ll have to get by is a live radio stream of her performance and live tweets. If anyone posts an illegal video or stream of the concert watch it ASAP because Beyonce’s team has been diligent about taking down illegal streams.

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