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Rapper. Producer. Songwriter. Creator. Tyler, The Creator’s real name happens to be Tyler Gregory Okonma and he was born on March 6th of 1991. His estimated net worth happens to be somewhere around 6 million. He is one of the co-founders of alternative Hip Hop which encompasses a variety of artists such as Odd Future, Kid Cudi, Gnarls Barkley, and Kanye West, just to name a few. Since releasing his first album, Goblin, his music sales have grown tremendously over time.

Tyler, The Creator’s Estimated Net Worth 2018: $6 Million

Considering that his music is known as alternative hip-hop it’s amazing to know that his fans support him. Recently, on Instagram, he posted a picture stating that he’s working on the rough draft of another idea so we can anticipate his net worth increasing once this brand new album is released for all of his alternative listeners. “Rose Tinted Cheeks,” happens to be one of the songs that he’s thinking about adding.

Early Life


Tyler was born in Ladera Heights, California on March 6, 1991. His mother is half Canadian and African American while his father is Nigerian. On multiple songs one being, “Answer,” he talks about the relationship with his missing father,

“Hey dad, it’s me um, oh I’m Tyler, I think I be your son, sorry, I called you the wrong name, see, my brain’s splitting. Mom was only twenty when you ain’t have a fu*k to spare, you Nigerian fu*k, now I’m stuck with this shi*ty facial hair.”  

It’s true, for a greater half of Tyler’s life he was raised by his mother which was one of the inspirations for his music. During Okonma’s younger years, he would listen to an Italian instrumentalist known as Goblin artists such as James Pants or Roy Ayers which influenced his sound.



This seven-year gap was some of the most productive time periods in Tyler’s life. He was busy creating the first mixtape, Bastard, which later featured some songs on his first album, Goblin, during the years of 2009-2011 where it was later ranked top ten on iTunes.

Right after the success, he took the time to create his next album, Wolf, where he focused more on the beats and less on the words. It was released on April 2nd of 2013 and the instrumentals feature some of the sounds from his teenage years.

But, his creativity did not stop there. He was busy creating a TV show in the meantime titled, Loiter Squad, where he was alongside his group, Odd Future, doing comical antics. It was produced by the same team that created Jackass, Dickhouse Productions. The first episode was launched on March 25th, 2012.

After the release of Wolf, the artist then began to work on his next album, Cherry Bomb, which was released on April 13th of 2015. He was signed to his own label, known as Odd Future Records, where he had multiple other artists featured on this album. These other artists include Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Schoolboy Q. He took a world tour and participated in Coachella on April 11th of 2015 to celebrate his success.

His next album was released on July 21, 2017, it is titled, Flower Boy, where there have been debates over his sexuality due to some of the lyrics. Even with the controversy that the album stirred up, it was nominated for being Best Rap Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

Recently producing a “throw away song” in March of 2018, he states that “Okra,” which has been posted on Soundcloud and Youtube, will not be featured on any upcoming albums.

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