Top 5 Reasons To Not Date A Man Who’s A Couch Potato

Most potatoes that we encounter in a grocery store seem to be charming and appealing. You want to pick them up because if they are russet then they have a round golden plump body that looks as if they could be mixed really well in your vegetable stew. But, what happens when this same potato so happens to be a man that you met at the grocery store and his beautiful eyes fool you?

If you gazed into his eyes and he knew the right words to whisper the first thing that you did not notice is that his charm overtakes all the other qualities. His shirt may not even be tucked in, but that doesn’t matter when his voice has dropped to a low tone that whispers sweet symphonies in order to orchestrate his number into your phone.

Weeks and weeks have gone by, the veil of lust has been removed and what you’ve come to realize is that this gregarious guy is not so gorgeous. In fact, he’s actually a bit smelly, and from what you notice of his habits you can conclude that he was not raised with proper nurture and care. Actually, he was raised to be a couch potato. He lacks all knowledge of how to critically think and so, you are now stuck in a situation with a guy that was “tolerated” as a child and not necessarily nurtured.

Here are the top five reasons you probably should not stay with him:

He will more than likely be emotionally abusive


The man who doesn’t move around often has a tendency to not physically allow his stress to leave the creaking corners of his joints and tendons. This guy will more than likely not mind yelling at you whenever you don’t wash the dishes, take out the trash, or bring him a plate of food. He’s the kind of guy that might be playing a video game while drinking a Colt 45. Did you try avoiding his next fit while he was drunk?

He will be relying on your next check


Let’s be real, who wants to love a guy that is looking for a cut? He won’t buy groceries, the lights have been out a couple of times, and the only thing that he always seems to do is nag for a portion of the check you’ve worked hard for. This man isn’t your child.


He won’t clean anything


If all he wants to do is play video games and watch movies on the couch, then it more than likely will also happen that the floors won’t be mopped. He neglects the house plants, won’t clean the toilet, god forbid he ever washes the dishes. So, when you come home from a long shift, and you smell something sour it could be the trash or maybe even him.

He will be jealous of you


If you’re always overcompensating for the work that he can’t provide then be willing to argue about it as well. These kind of men usually are a bit insecure about their inability to be masculine so don’t take it to heart when he starts to bicker about the things that you do, and he doesn’t.


He won’t take you on dates


Why would you want to settle for the kind of guy that won’t take you on dates? You deserve to be with someone that will make sure you eat out often and receive flowers. His selfish demeanor and attitude will inhibit you from feeling appreciated.

This all sounds like a molded potato, you should throw it away and find a different kind of guy otherwise, you’ll suffer from the flu, quite literally!

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