Gigi Hadid Chose Comfort Over Fashion & Celebrated Her Birthday In A Tracksuit

Gigi Hadid is a bonafide supermodel who has graced so many magazine covers you could legitimately cover an entire wall with them. Seriously, that’s what her mom Yolanda Hadid has done, and it’s magnificent, daunting and beautiful.

Even though Gigi has worn every top designer, walked in numerous of fashion shows and has been the star of so many fashion editorials you can’t keep track of them all, she still opted to wear a comfy tracksuit for her birthday.

Yesterday Gigi rang in her golden birthday. A golden birthday is when you turn the same age as your birthday, so Gigi turned 23 on April 23. She and her sister Bella Hadid were seen leaving Gigi’s apartment to go to her birthday party. Gigi was wearing a blindingly gold strapless Atelier Versace dress, but she didn’t wear that hot dress all night.

Her party at Brooklyn Heights Social Club at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge was a star-studded as they come. Every supermodel and Instagram influencer was there, and most of them were wearing gold.

At some point during her party, Gigi swapped her tight strapless dress for a comfy white tracksuit with gold embellishments.

Her tracksuit had “G. Hadid” and the number 23 on the back like a basketball jersey. Her name and number were of course embellished with gold.

Her birthday cake was also a jersey that looked similar to her tracksuit, which she was wearing when the cake came out.

I’m inspired by Gigi’s comfy birthday outfit. It’s her party she can wear a tracksuit if she wants to!

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