Nick Who? ‘The Bachelor’ Winner Vanessa Grimaldi Reveals She Has A New Boyfriend

Vanessa Grimaldi Bachelor Winner 2017


Things didn’t work out for Vanessa Grimaldi with Nick Viall…to the surprise of no one. (Seriously, can we even call her the winner of The Bachelor when he was the prize?) But it looks like Grimaldi has found love again, this time away from the cameras.

The reality star shared the exciting news with fellow Bachelor Nation alum Dean Unglert on his podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating. Though she didn’t share her beau’s identity, she teased that they met through a friend and “is not related to Bachelor-world at all.”

Grimaldi also described some qualities she’s looking for in the ideal mate.

“I always wanted to find someone…who’s gonna be a great father, someone who’s gonna be a great husband, someone who’s family-oriented,” the special education teacher from Canada shared. “I wanted all those things, but the people that I was dating either had some of it but they didn’t have all of it.”

She added, “I don’t care if you have a million followers. I don’t care. I’d rather you not have Instagram. I’d rather you not know I was ever on the show.”

Well, mystery man, don’t mess this up.

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