10 Things To Add To Your Bucket List To Have A Lit Summer With Your Besties

It’s that time of year where we can finally sing, “No more teachers and no more books…” which means one thing, summer is officially upon us. And as we break out our sunnies, sandals and ditch the sweats for sundresses, we’re now left with the task of trying to figure out just how we’re gonna turn up and pack a year’s worth of fun in only three short months.

We’re young, we’re wild and we’re finally free so what exactly do we do after we’ve caught up on some much-needed sleep?

Bust out your favorite pair of cut-offs, grab your girlfriends and take a look at these 10 things you’re gonna want to add to your summer bucket list that will surely make it one of the best summers ever!

1. Star Gaze

Now that the weather is warm, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air just got a lot easier. Spending a night under the stars isn’t just for sappy couples looking to turn things up a notch on the romance meter, but hanging out with your girls and falling asleep under the stars will make for a great memory and gives you and your gals to really bond and catch up on life.

2. Festival Fun

Coachella outfits


The Spring and Summer seasons are ALL about the various music festivals and outdoor concerts so grab your gals and make a night of it that will surely give all your followers on IG major FOMO when they catch you having the time of your life on your Instastories at this year’s hottest musical festival.

3. Have A Movie Night

Nothing screams summer fun like a movie night. To make the most of your movie nights with your BFFs try having a movie night where you all binge watch all the summer classics like Grease and Dirty Dancing.

4. Have A Slumber Party

Kick it old school and host a slumber party for you and your girls. Have everyone bring over a snack (and a drink if you’re legal) and make a night of it.

5. Be Beach Bums For A Day Or Two

Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images

Let’s be honest it’d be pretty much a waste of a summer if you and your besties didn’t hit the beach for a day or two. Grab some SPF and head to the beach with your besties this summer to lay out and relax on the sand.

6. Get Active

We know the last thing you want to do is spend your summer days in the gym so instead, stay active and keep your body on point by staying active outside. Grab your girls and lace up your roller skates and go for a quick stroll along the boardwalk.

7. Go Boy Bikini Shopping


Grab your gals and head to the mall to rack up on all the cutest bathing suits that show off all the right curves. Not only will this give you and your besties a chance to hang out, but you’ll also score some awesome selfies of you both in matching bikinis that’ll surely rack up all of the likes.

8. Have A Friendly Competition

Relay races are a great way to have some fun, enjoy the outdoors, and it makes for some great memories. Gather your gals up in the park and make a day out of it. Have all your besties form teams, and spend the day eating, and playing a bunch of team games and races. At the end of the competition, the winning team gets a medal or trophy.

9. Have A Night Cap

Woman swimming at night


Turn your summer up a notch by taking a nightly swim with your girls. Just make sure that you don’t break any laws and keep it PG!

10. Grab Some Ice Cream From The Ice Cream Truck

girl eating ice cream period perks


Talk about a #TBT. Nothing brings back our nostalgia like when we were little, and we used to wait around all day to hear the ice cream truck makes its way down our block. Grab your gals and your wallet and grab a cone from your local ice cream truck this summer.

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