An Interview With Kanye West: What Is The “Something” Kanye Feels?

Kanye West was interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God and his address about his art in relation to his mental health was explored in depth, as he talks about some of the things that he’s been experiencing in the media. He addresses many instances where people have condemned him for lashing out, being called a “jackass” by Barack Obama and even his latest feelings towards President Trump. While many are on the edge of their seats cringing at the idea of an African American rapper “turning against” them he spoke out to say the things that he honestly feels such as just why he views life the way that he does, in the first place.

West explains that throughout his childhood he was never really the ordinary child and he knew at a young age that he was given a special task to fulfill during his adulthood. At the core of his heart, he is loving, creative and in his own words “unconventional.” With that, he understands that there will be days where there will be backlash handed out to him for all of the things that he commits himself too, such as some opinions that are not popular.

However, it doesn’t stop him from standing up and owning some of the things that he has said. The opinions of him that have been going viral and breaking the internet has caused some mental health issues alongside some of the familial drama that has been happening in the background.

Kanye West admits to having been committed to a hospital for mental health issues and asks the rhetorical question of, “isn’t that why they like us?” That begs the question that artists are well liked because of their sensitivity, and he doesn’t really see why a line should be drawn in the sand for being oversensitive.

Even with all of the contingencies of his mental health, he still continues to create art that is meaningful and also creates political commentary. He addresses the fact that he would rather have a Trump campaign with a Bernie Sanders message due to the way that Trump was able to rally a crowd. He says that he felt “something.”

But, what if the “something” that he felt is the power of manipulation even though he doesn’t want to be manipulated? West talked a lot about the way that he’s viewed and addresses multiple times that “he can’t be managed” and his confidence isn’t rooted in the opinions of others, but how is it that he was able to gain some kind of power trip off of the inauguration of Trump?

In West’s eyes, “it is a time for the unconventional” stating that one of the things that he commends Trump for doing is taking the veil off of the “beauty” of politics. He went on to comment on just the way that it made room for Americans to begin working for themselves and that it is necessary.

And, given all that we know about West’s background how can we blame him for finding the beauty in Trump’s campaign? West is aware that Trump does not make the best decisions for people who are marginalized, but the point that he makes when he claims Trump as a “brother” is that there is power in the way that they are able to rally, move, and cause progression in people when they least expect it. Thus, making his argument for Trump to mean that this president serves as a symbol that anything is possible. In West’s eyes, anything being possible is beautiful and should send a message to the black community that there should never be limits to what a person of marginalization can do.

If I heard correctly Kanye bringing up an opinion of “more people end up retarded than rich” but what can be said about the contradictions he has made about the “something” he felt during the inauguration of Trump? With claims that he wants to be free of all control by others, why is it that he thinks there is a special power in regulating the minds of people around him?

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