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They say that as we get older, we start to adopt our parents’ mannerisms, habits, interests, talents and looks. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who had the pleasure of being the offspring of a celebrity, it’s safe to say that you pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to genetics.

In the case of these 10 celebrity kids, the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, especially when it comes down to acquiring their famous ‘rents talents and strikingly good looks. Take a look at these 10 celebrity kids who are picking up where their famous parents left off and taking over Hollywood (and the Gram).

1. Lourdes Leon


21-year-old Lourdes Leon has pretty much had it made since she was born. When your parents are Carlos Leon and musical legend Madonna, it’s pretty much a given that the world will be at your fingertips. Despite having uber famous parents, Lourdes has stayed out of the spotlight for most of childhood. It wasn’t until Lourdes was a teen that she began to branch out into the industry, including her 2010 collab with her mom on the fashion brand, Material Girl. As of late, Lourdes is busy finishing up her final years of college but is still dappling in the fashion and beauty industry. In 2016, Lourdes made her modeling debut in a bare-faced campaign for Stella McCartney’s perfume, Pop. A year later, in 2017, she appeared in a campaign for streetwear companies MadeMe and X-Girl. Lourdes has also made headlines for her tendency to go against societal beauty standards, such as when she flaunted her armpit hair in a selfie with her mom.

2. Corinne Foxx


When your father is the multi-talented actor, comedian, singer and TV host, Jamie Foxx it’s pretty much expected that his 24-year-old daughter, Corinne would follow in his footsteps. In 2016 she served as Miss Golden Globe and has already made a name for herself in the modeling world, with campaigns for big-name brands like Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna, Kenneth Cole and Wet N Wild. Corinne is also following in her dad’s footsteps and dappling in acting. After her recurring role on MTV’s “Sweet/Vicious,” Foxx will star opposite Eva Longoria and Robert Downey Jr. in “All-Star Weekend” scheduled to come out later this year. She’s also branching out into the music industry as a DJ for FOX’s musical game show “Beat Shazam,” with her dad as host.

3. Ava Phillippe


If you were to put up a split screen of Reese Witherspoon and her 18-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe, the two could easily be mistaken for twins. Ava gets her good looks, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes from her mom and dad, actor Ryan Phillipe. And considering how gorgeous she is, Ava is making some significant moves in the modeling industry. The teenager made her modeling debut in January when she appeared in Rodarte’s Fall/Winter 2018 portrait series. Since then, Ava has sat front row at fashion shows for designers including Chanel and Valentino and has appeared in a fashion campaign for her mom’s clothing line, Draper James. In December 2017, Ava attended Teen Vogue‘s Summit, where, she spoke about social issues and girl power.

4. Ming Lee Simmons


Ming Lee Simmons practically grew up on the runway. With Ming’s mom being fashion mogul and former model Kimora Lee Simmons and her dad being hip-hop legend and business mogul Russell Simmons, Ming is looking to keep the family legacy alive-one Instagram selfie at a time. The 18-year-old has been modeling for her mom since she was able to crawl. Ming has since kept her modeling career going and as of late has been garnering tons of attention on Instagram for her sexy and seductive selfies and posts. If Ming’s social media climb is any indication of her career, we should see more from the 18-year-old very soon.

5. Maude Apatow


Comedy pretty much runs in Maude Apatow’s veins because her parents are Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. Maude’s film career began in 2007 when she appeared in her dad Judd Apatow’s 2007 film Knocked Up, alongside her little sister, Iris. In the film, we got to witness just how talented Maude was when she asked her mom on-screen where babies come from and then go on to give a very “creative” and comedic answer.  Since then, Maude has appeared in films such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Pitch Perfect 2, and has had a recurring role on Girls. The 20-year-old has also become known for her hilarious tweets and is a contributor to Zooey Deschanel’s website HelloGiggles. In 2018, she is set to appear in Assassination Nation.

6. Lily-Rose Depp


Lily-Rose Depp is choosing to take a separate route from her famous dad, actor Johnny Depp and instead has decided to focus all her efforts on modeling. The 18-year-old is dipping into her gene pool and using her dad and mom, Vanessa Paradis’ looks to help pave her career in the modeling world. Lily-Rose is currently the face of Chanel and has appeared in campaigns for the brand’s eyewear, perfumes and beauty line. While Lily-Rose continues to take over the fashion world she is slowly getting into the entertainment industry and acting like her dad. She had a role in 2016’s Planetarium.

7. Malia Obama


When your parents are former President Barack Obama, and former First Lady Michelle Obama, carrying on the family’s prestigious legacy can seem like quite the task and sounds overwhelming AF. However, the eldest daughter of the Obamas appears to be handling things somewhat well considering that we’ve watched the 19-year-old grow up before our eyes. Malia is currently attending Harvard University and has a resume most college students would kill for. In addition to volunteering at Lollapalooza and the Sundance Film Festival, Malia has landed coveted internships with disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein and Girls creator Lena Dunham.

8. Zoey Deutch


At only 23-years-old, actress, model and activist, Zoey Deutch has a resume that resembles seasoned vets like her mom, actress Lea Thomspon, and father, veteran director Howard Deutch. Zoey has appeared in numerous films, television shows and has also dappled in modeling. Zoey is also an active activist, having worked with Water.org for their Give.Water.org campaign, being a supporter of Planned Parenthood, working with the Alzheimer’s Association and recently shown her support towards anti-sexual harassment movement Time’s Up.

9. Sailor Brinkley-Cook


Sailor Brinkley-Cook is following in her supermodel mom Christie Brinkley’s footsteps. The 19-year-old has posed for spreads in Teen Vogue, and Sports Illustrated, as well as walked for designers such as Dolce & Gabanna and Sherri Hill. The teenager, who is a student at Parsons School of Design, also has aspirations to become a photojournalist, which will tie in perfectly with her burdening modeling career.

10. Cazzie David


As the daughter of writer and comedian Larry David and mom Laurie, Cazzie is making a name for herself in the comedy world. In 2017, the 23-year-old released Eighty-Sixed, an eight-episode web series about a technology-obsessed twenty something year old who is dealing with a breakup and insecurities. The series was met with critical acclaim, with many outlets comparing David to Girls creator, Lena Dunham.

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