Star Wars Day 2018: Best Memes, Jokes & Funny Images


Its the month that’s filled with a lot of memes. First and foremost, May 4th was the original date of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War until they moved it up a week. Some of us still wish that was the case. Anywho, you might know that they’re going to be releasing a Han Solo movie this month and you might be wondering, why aren’t they releasing a Star Wars movie on Star Wars day? Well, it turns out that none of the original Star Wars movies were released on May 4th and honestly,  as a fellow Star Wars fan, I’m disappointed.

However, that won’t stop me from celebrating it like the true nerd that I am and sharing the most amazing memes of the day to celebrate Star Wars Day. For little information for you guys who don’t know what the heck May The Fourth Be With You. In Star Wars, the Jedi and the rebels say, “May The Force Be You,” meaning good luck and good willing to that particular person who’s about to go on a dangerous mission.

Some people are late to the program:

We appreciate your effort bro, but um. Sometimes its okay to let it go. No pun intended.

Some are kind of bitter about the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme.

On that note, you get people like this on this day.

Which, don’t get Dwight wrong. A lot of the original Star Wars movies came out on the 25th of May, except for Empire Strikes Back, which was released on the 21st of May.  A New Hope and Return of the Jedi came out on May 25th.

With that being said, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be coming out on May 25th.

May The Fourth Be With You. PS also tomorrow’s free comic book day, go and check out what free comic books you can get.

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