5 Ways To Enjoy Your 20’s To The Fullest

They say that your 20’s are the most experimental phase of your life and the time where you do the most growing up, and while we’re definitely not going to be the ones to openly¬†admit to it, we can see how there could be some serious truth to that statement.

When you’re in your 20’s the world is your oyster, and you want to go out and see what the world really has to offer you. And while we are entirely here for you trying to make your 20’s your best life so that way you can coast through the next decade or two, we spend so much of our time not stopping to “smell the roses” or being a dedicated and focused goal digger that before we know it, time has slipped through our fingers a bit too fast.

And while your 20’s is all about finding and establishing who you are, it’s important to also embrace all the important milestones and things you’ll get to experience and really appreciate during this decade of your life.

Take a look at these five ways you can make the most of your 20’s and live it to the fullest.

1. Trust Yourself More

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Following what others say and do all the time not only make you very gullible, but it can put you in dangerous situations. Remember, you’re a smart gal who is going places so if something isn’t sitting well with you, trust your gut.

If you’re getting bad vibes of “fake love” from your friends and loved ones, remove yourself from that situation. If everyone is telling you to go down a certain career path, but it’s not your cup of te, go with your gut. If someone or something looks shady to you-it probably is. With every decision you make, in regards to YOUR life, trust your gut. It’s your life and you’re the one who is going to have to live with those decisions well into your 30’s. Trust your gut and do what is best for you, ALWAYS.

2. Be Open To Unexpected Friendships



Coming across those ride-or-die friendships gets harder as we get older so when you’re in your 20’s try and be open to establishing new and unexpected friendships. Be open to finding a “work wife ” or striking up friendships in unexpected places. Because your 20’s is a time where you’re establishing who you are as an adult sometimes our childhood and college friends get filtered out. Make room in your 20’s for unexpected friendships and be open to expanding your circle.

3. Take In The Life Lessons

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Life lessons are far, and few between but when they come by, instead of pouting and crying “woe is me!” try and embrace it and take it for what it is worth. Remember we all are faced with life lessons, so treat it as such. Learn from it, take from it what you’re meant to gain from it and move on.

4. Embrace Your Mistakes



Like life lessons, making mistakes can be a tough pill to swallow. But remember, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and it’s better if you embrace your mistakes now because you’re gonna make a lot of them in your lifetime. No one likes to mess up but the quicker you accept your mistake, work on correcting it and going about your business, the better off you will be. Learn from your mistakes and keep it pushing.

5. Keep An Open Mind & Open Heart

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You’re going to experience and be witness to A LOT during your 20’s. You’re going to see and experience more than you could have ever thought and dreamed of and with that, it’s good to try and keep an open mind, an open heart and keep your judgments to a minimum. Be open to new possibilities. Be open to meeting new people, seeing and exploring different things, making some unforgettable memories that you can take with you well into your golden years.


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