Celebrate Adele’s Birthday By Listening To Her Best Songs







Adele is one of the most well-known singers in the world, she knows how to make people cry with her vocals and relatable lyrics. The English singer leaves fans speechless due to her outstanding voice in concerts as well as her fun personality, she’s let out a few curse words in her shows when she messes up and laughs along with the crowd.

After her first album 19 was released, Adele was an immediate success and has won numerous awards ever since then, including music she did for films such as the James Bond movie, Skyfall. Since then she has released two other albums. Her newest album, 25 came out in 2015 after she went on a four-year break.

In 25,  Adele put everyone in their feelings with her hit song Hello,” which about reaching out to a past lover to apologize for breaking their heart even though they have probably moved on by now.

It’s clear that Adele’s career is not going anywhere and that she definitely has more music to put out, but aside from her celebrating her music career, It’s time to celebrate her birthday! Adele is turning the big 30 today, and it seems like it was just yesterday she was 19 releasing her first album. Last year Adele celebrated funnily by dressing up as an old lady and posting the pictures on social media, writing “Nearly 30! Thanks for the good wishes. See you soon x.”

Since the singer did such a fun birthday photo shoot for her 29th, we can only imagine what she will be doing for her 30th birthday. Adele has always been very lowkey with her life outside of the stage so she’ll probably keep her celebration small away from the public.

In honor of her day here are some of her best hits to get your Adele on.

“Rolling in the Deep”




“Rumour Has It”


“Chasing Pavements”


“Set Fire To The Rain”


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