5 Tips To Survive Being Single In A New City

It can be nerve-racking as hell when you move to a new city ESPECIALLY if you are single. Getting out there and meeting new people can be pretty stressful. Luckily we have five tips to make that transition a lot smoother. If you’re tired of the sleepless (and single) in Seattle life you’ve been living, take a look at these five tips to surviving singlehood in a new city.

1. Explore

woman walking city


Before you get settled in, make it a point to explore your new city as much as possible. Often when we make a big move, we become so focused on getting situated, unpacking and getting settled into our new home that we wind up becoming so preoccupied that we don’t take the time to go out and explore. By exploring the whereabouts and happenings around town sooner rather than later, you get better acquainted with the places and prospective date night places your new home has to offer. Instead of putting it off, getting out and exploring the city first thing makes the transition a lot smoother.

2. Get In Shape



Hitting the gym to meet new people sounds SUPER cliche, but that’s because it actually does work. So once you get settled into your new digs and looking to meet some new people, schedule a workout at your local gym for prospectives.

3. Build Your Circle

Friends laughing


When you move to a new city, your social calendar is pretty empty so make it a point to go out and make new friends. An easy way to do so is to get on dating apps and just set up a bunch of casual “meet up for drinks” dates.¬†Building your social circle is a great (and practically effortless) way for you to meet other singles (and potential dates).

4. Go Out Alone


You’d be surprised how going out alone can work out in your favor. When you’re hitting the town solo, men are more likely to approach you when you’re by yourself versus with a group of your girls. Before you make it a point to venture out into your city for a night out though, just make sure that you take the proper precautions beforehand to ensure that you stay safe. Don’t drink too much, let a loved one know your whereabouts during various points of the night and ALWAYS stay alert.

5. Build Your Hobbies

coffee date


Building up your already pre-existing hobbies is a great way to meet men who have similar interests as you. When you meet someone new who also happens to have the same interest as you do, it allows for conversation to flow authentically and freely and takes the stress out of trying too hard to start a convo.


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