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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is adding on to her success by working on a new show based on her life growing up in the 1970’s. Richards new half-hour series will be called American Woman and will be premiering on June 7th and is mostly going to be telling the story about her mother, Bonnie Nolan and her challenges in raising her two daughters after her husband leaves them. With the help of her Two best friends Kathleen and Diana, she struggles to maintain a suitable life for her and her family.

Within the show, we will see what it was like for women in the 1970’s and, it was very different at the time. Women, for example, didn’t have bank accounts and weren’t allowed to have loud voices and, speak up at the time as we do so

Kyle Richards as a reality star is no stranger to inviting the public into her life and family. “I feel like on the ‘Housewives,’ my family stuff was out there,” she tells Variety. “When my sister was on the show, that was an automatic opening to things you may not want out there.”

Richards admitted that she decided to begin acting like a child because her mother “had a dream she passed down to us,” she says. Especially since her mother needed help with money after not receiving the alimony, she often struggled to pay the bills on her own.

Richards says that while she often had ideas for shows, before she got The Real Housewives, “nobody would have listened,” she says. “‘Housewives’ opened the door for me for people to listen,” she says. “There were people who were fans, and we met, we sat down for lunch, and that’s how ‘American Woman’ came about.”

Richards made sure she picked a top cast for American Woman to play her and her family, let’s take a look at who will be starring in the new series.

Alicia Silverstone


The Clueless Star will be returning to acting by playing the lead role of Bonnie Nolan.

Mena Suvari


The American Pie actress will be currently playing Bonnie’s friend Kathleen.

Jennifer Bartels


Bartels will be playing Bonnie’s other best friend, Diana.

Makenna James


The young actress will be playing none other than Kyle Richards herself, Becca Nolan.

Cheyenne Jackson


The Actor will be playing the role of Greg a love interest of Kathleen.

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