Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

You might have thought that turning 18 was cool, but turning 21 means overcoming the last barrier to adulthood, and finally being legal! With the excitement of this milestone close at hand, it can be difficult to decide just how to celebrate your 21st birthday. Whether you’re looking for a wild night out, or would rather celebrate with a few close friends and family, we’ve gathered come up with some of the best party ideas out there. Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate turning 21 and have your best birthday yet!

10. House Party

Gather up a bunch of your friends and put together a house party to celebrate your big day! You can send out invitations, organize some party games, and even invite a DJ to go all out for the celebration. As long as there are designated drivers or Ubers on call, you’re ready to party!

9. Hotel Party

This type of party is best for close friends only. Get a few party games, a rocking playlist, and decorations together for a laid-back and fun night. Although it’s best not to get too messy, the best part about this venue is that the clean-up isn’t your responsibility.

8. Casino

Break out that ID with confidence if you decide to head to the casino for your 21st. If you’ve been itching to try your hand at gambling, now’s your chance to finally go for it!

7. Clubbing

You can proudly show your ID to club bouncers and celebrate a great night with your friends now that you’re officially legal. Don’t be afraid to dress up, roll out, and get your party on!

6. Bar Hopping

If clubs aren’t your thing, then another great way to celebrate your 21st birthday is by checking out some of the bars in your area. If you’re not happy with the bar that you’re at, you can always hop on over to the next one with your squad.

5. Painting Wine Glasses

Painting wine glasses is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday without going over the top. Get your best friends together and use glitter, fun colors and decorations to make the perfect creation! You’ll remember this special event every time you use your decked out glass.

4. Take A Trip With Friends

Road trips are always fun, especially with your best friends at your side. Since you’ve turned 21, possible destinations to keep in mind could be Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or New York City to celebrate.

3. Birthday Dinner

Another great way to celebrate turning 21 is by going out for a special birthday dinner! Invite your family and friends, and enjoy your favorite meal. Cap the night off with a glass of wine if you choose.

2. Wine Tasting

Speaking of wine, traveling to the nearest vineyard and exploring the flavors they have to offer is another great way to make the most of your legal status. Gather your best friends, and don’t forget to bring your ID!

1. See a Show

To celebrate your big day, why not go all out and see a live performance! Take a trip to New York, Hollywood or Las Vegas or see what shows are playing in your area. You only get to turn 21 once, so make sure you’re ready when the time comes, and have fun!