7 Deadly Relationship Sins To Avoid With Bae

It’s no secret that being in a happy and fulfilling relationship is a beautiful and satisfying experience, but with great reward comes great sacrifice and hard work. Having the relationship of your dreams don’t just come to fruition out of thin air. It takes work, time, and avoiding these seven deadly relationship sins that can cause your relationship to implode before your very eyes!

Take a look.


This one shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise as it’s painfully obvious why cheating is a big no-no and relationship sin you want to avoid at all costs. If you find that you just have way too much love to spread around and see yourself stepping out on your bae, do you and your SO a favor and break the relationship off before you bury yourself.

No Reciprocity

For the most part, relationships are about give and take. Giving more than you get gets old FAST especially when you’re supposed to be in a relationship with someone,. If you’re the only one putting any effort into your relationship or find that things are way more one-sided than they should, it’s time to drop your one-sided situation and find someone who doesn’t mind giving and receiving.


Being in a relationship isn’t about keeping score or track of your partner and let’s be real here, excessive nitpicking and nagging can kill a good thing REAL quick. Remember that relationships are about working together and being on the same page as one another. You shouldn’t look at your partner as your competitor and keep score and nitpick, it could run them away.

Being Excessively Petty

Every so often your boo may get on your nerves so much that you can’t even bare it to say two words to them for the day but keep in mind, the constant need to be petty or punish your partner with the silent treatment could cause the relationship to drift farther much faster.


There’s a ton of a gray area when it comes to lying in a relationship.  And while telling a little white lie to surprise your SO is not the same as lying about where you were previous night or who you were with, we all know what constitutes as a big, bad lie. No one wants to date someone who excessively lies as it can cause major trust issues down the line so avoid starting this deadly relationship sin before it kills it.


Not only is verbal and physical abuse a relationship sin, it’s 1000% WRONG. No one who truly loves you would use their words or fists to tear you down. Verbal abuse is a form of mental abuse that can leave you feeling worthless and unlovable and is just as wrong as physical abuse. There is absolutely NO excuse for physical violence in a relationship. Even if an argument gets a bit more heated than usual, that’s no excuse for someone to put their hands on you whatsoever.

 Being Manipulative

Manipulating someone to get what you want is wrong and if your sweetheart finds out that you’ve been manipulating them throughout your relationship, not only does that put your intentions into question, it causes trust issues and other related issues down the line that may not be able to be repaired. Avoid this deadly sin like the plague.


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