Cardi B Tweets Apology For Her Past Use Of LGBTQ+ Slurs

Cardi B has been having a rough few weeks. Last Friday Azealia Banks went on The Breakfast Club and dragged Cardi. This led to a messy internet fight between the two that ended in Cardi disabling her Instagram and making her Twitter private. Her Instagram is still disabled but her Twitter is up and running. Then she was featured on Rita Ora’s song “Girls” that received backlash for its lyrics. Then pregnant Cardi was accosted at a mall for not agreeing to take a photo with the fan. Security had to step in when the fan got angry.

Now an old video of Cardi on The Breakfast Show is going viral because she used an LGBTQ+ slur about lesbians. On top of that, she was asked if she was bisexual and said she’s hooked up and dated girls but never been in love with a girl. She was then asked who was better at giving oral sex, men or women and said that it depends. “I just gotta rape your face sometimes,” Cardi said if someone isn’t doing a good job.

People have begun to hate on Cardi for her ignorant comments. This isn’t the first time people have read receipts on other problematic things Cardi has said. She jokingly tweeted about joining in on the Cardi is canceled party.

Today Cardi addressed the “Girls” lyrics and her past use of LGBTQ+ slurs. Cardi has apologized before for using slurs before, but she would always pass the blame on to the group she was insulting for not educating the public. But this time Cardi took 100% of the responsibility and apologized.

“I know I have use words before that I wasn’t aware that they are offensive to the LGBT community. I apologize for that. Not everybody knows the correct “terms “to use. I learned and I stopped using it,” Cardi tweeted.

A fan responded to Cardi’s apology how they grew up in a small town and didn’t know certain words were offensive and then when they moved away they learned and adjusted. Cardi responded acknowledging that she was also a product of her environment and she’s learning.

Do you think Cardi is actually canceled?

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