Fun Ways to Make Decisions

You know how it is when you just can’t decide which way to jump on some decision that’s facing you? Should you accept a date invite from X? Should you go to concert Y, or maybe concert Z – maybe both or maybe neither?

The truth is that with these decisions, there’s usually no absolute right or wrong, yet we continually search for one which is exactly why these decisions can be so hard. In other words, we try to achieve perfection when, in reality, there are pros and cons whether we say yes or no. In short, we can’t have it both ways and sometimes, you just have to weigh the alternatives, decide and then take the consequences, both positive and negative.

So when the decision isn’t enormously life-changing but is still a tough one to take – then here are a few fun ways to help you decide…

First off; how about consulting someone with the gift of “inner sight”? Taking clairvoyant readings can be fascinating and fun and it needn’t be expensive. When it’s available online as it is today, it’s quick and easy to access and can be a great fun way to help you make a decision along with its consequences both good and bad (but hopefully more of the former).

Secondly, you could simply toss a coin or roll the dice. Letting fate play a hand in a tough decision that’s evenly balanced is something most of us have done at one time or another. Doing this in front of a witness helps force your hand. But doing it on your own can also be good as sometimes, your instinct tells you the coins or dice are wrong after you’ve thrown them – and your instinct is invariably right.

Thirdly, the good old-fashioned Magic Eight Ball can be good fun. This toy was something first developed in the 1950s to tell your fortune. If you’ve never seen one, then this is a pool eight ball you shake and it gives you one of eight possible answers like “As I see it, yes” or “Most likely” or “Outlook good” etc. There are even various online versions of the magic eight ball which are good fun and easy to use – but there’s still nothing like the real thing held in your hand.


If none of these are working and you want more serious advice, then ask three trusted friends who you know will have your best interests at heart. If the decision facing you is a binary one, then at least three people consulted can’t tie and you’ll have a winner. Hopefully, you’ll have a unanimous decision, but a split decision is still better than none at all.

Finally, if you’re still struggling, make out a “balance sheet”. On a sheet of paper, write everything that’s good about a decision and, one the other, everything that’s bad. You may have to do the same again for the alternate decision. Now try and give each factor a weighting to come up with your overall score. The interesting thing is that once you’ve done all this – you kind of ‘know’ somehow what you’re gonna do anyway; it works like magic.

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