How to Pick a College Major for the Future: Top 4 Choices for Making Yourself Invaluable in the Job Market

Let’s be clear: college is probably one of the best times of our lives. It is that special stage where you can still get away with being silly and exploring life, while also trying out what adult life feels like. On that note, there are a couple of aspects of college that may seem particularly daunting because they will affect the rest of your life – like choosing a major. So, if you want to think about majors that will keep your options open later in life, here are our top choices.

1. Liberal arts


You might be surprised at one of our top picks but a recent study conducted by LinkedIn found that, actually, people who graduate with a liberal arts major have many more skills to put to good use than we may realize. Communication and writing skills come in handy in a variety of jobs nowadays, from public relations and marketing all the way to speechwriting and journalism. In fact, liberal arts graduates rank 13th in terms of highest incomes across majors, with their median yearly salary set at an average of $72,500. The same study found that individuals with bachelor’s degrees in general rise to an annual average of $79,800, while employees with just a high school diploma take home roughly $51,500 every year.

2. Economics


A career geared towards economics will always carry traction, simply because people always find new ways to earn and spend money. Economics is much more interesting as a major than simply crunching numbers – although, it helps that you are good with that, too. The really good news is that the career options that will follow are endless, with a lot of flexibility as to how you will determine your working schedule: a lot of stock analysts and brokers are in sync with foreign stock markets and there are many ways to work freelance, like online forex trading platforms, where you can also trade in bitcoin. So, the only question is: are you a bull or a bear?

3. Computer science


Computer science was heralded as the discipline of the future a while back and guess what? Today, that statement is still true – maybe now more than ever. As our dependence on computers becomes more widespread, the need for more computer scientists grows. We use computers for everything, from studying to entertainment, and new developments like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things guarantee that this is a market that will keep growing over the next few years. There are quite a few options to choose from within the discipline, too, with a variety that can suit very different personalities, from programming to robotics to gaming.

4. Data analyst


They say that data is the currency of the future – and very rightly so. If you haven’t heard of Big Data yet, you are bound to run into big data applications in the future, no matter what your chosen career path is. Now, imagine if you put yourself in that invaluable position of being the one who gets to analyze and interpret the data for everyone else. From advertising to law enforcement to lobbying, every major company and institution will need a data analyst in the future.

Whatever your ultimate choice may be, remember the golden rule of professional success: choose something that you love to do. That way, you won’t have to work a day in your life.

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