This Mom Finally Got To Hold Her Newborn After A Serious Head Injury

Iowa mom, Kassy Hovenga, finally got to hold her 8-week-old baby, McKenna Hovenga, for the first time in 10 days on Sunday. On May 2, the newborn was struck in the head by a softball at one of her dad’s games. She survived the ordeal but may now have brain damage.

McKenna was being held by her mom when an overthrown softball hit her in the head. She was airlifted from Shell Rock, Iowa to St Mary’s Hospital at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. McKenna has skull fractures and two brain bleeds.

A You Caring fundraiser was started to raise money for McKenna’s medical expenses. “This money [sic] will be placed directly into an account in McKenna’s name and will be used for present and future medical care expenses ONLY,” the description reads. So far they’ve raised nearly $63,000 out of their goal of $75,000.

The last update on the fundraising page says that she has tried to take breaths on her own and her brain activity is slowly coming back.

Based on Facebook updates the doctors are still trying to stabilize McKenna, but there have been steady improvements in her heart rate and blood pressure. “The waiting game may be much longer then expected, but it’s all up to my little girl at this time. The longer she sleeps, the better off she will be!!,” the most recent update reads.

The doctors have pinpointed two areas of her brain that were causing her seizures. They appear to be damaged and are related to her motor skills and development. The extent of her brain damage will remain unclear until she fully recovers.

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