Top 10 Things You Won’t Buy That Show You’re Adulting For Real

Successfully adulting has its fair share of challenges and lessons. One of the most common lessons learned as we get older is learning how to successfully budget while living our best lives and not spending our hard earned coins on senseless things.

And sure a splurge shopping spree here and there never hurt, but true adulting is learning how to live and enjoy our lives within our financial means. One of the ways we do that is by cutting costs, sticking to a budget and figuring out the things we can just do without. One of the many signs of successful adulting come when you realize there are just certain things you’re not gonna waste your money on anymore.

Take a look at these 10 things you’ll stop buying that show you’re growing up and on a budget!

1. DIY Services

5 Crazy Facial Masks

Getting a facial, a massage and a manicure/pedicure are all great ways to pamper yourself when you need a recharge; they also can be hella expensive and can add up pretty quickly. Having someone else spoil us when we need it may be relaxing, BUT it will cost you. Instead, you can get the same amount of pampering and relaxation by doing those things yourself and save some money.

2. Apps You’ll Never Use

Sure you had plenty of intentions on using them when you downloaded them, but unused apps are a waste of money and phone space.

3. Overpriced Drinks

drinking drink

The price of a bottle at your local liquor store is 10 times more cost-effective than those overpriced drinks at the bar and will get you just as tipsy.

4. Clothes That Aren’t On Sale


Digging through the sales rack isn’t the most time-efficient, but it beats buying clothes full-price by a long shot. Not only are you saving money, when you realize just how much stores cut down on the prices of sale items, but you’re also not gonna want to go back to buying anything full price.

5. Shoes That Will Hurt Your Feet

high heels fail gif

When you’ve got other bills and expenses to worry about, buying shoes that you can only wear once because they hurt your feet will have you kicking yourself later. Opting for heels that are cute, comfortable AND affordable is sensible and just as stylish.

6. Name Brand Cleaning Supplies

What’s in a name? When it comes to name brand cleaning supplies – not much. Generic brands have the same main ingredients as name brand cleaning supplies .

7. Subscriptions & Services You Have No Time To Use

As convenient as they sound, spending money on the latest subscription boxes can add up, especially when you’re choosing to re-up automatically every month. Avoiding the subscription box pitfalls by opting out will save you money in the long run.

8. Food You Have No Plans On Cooking

Perhaps deciding to go completely vegan in a week wasn’t the best idea, especially when you wind up wasting most of the food you INTENDED to prepare but never got around to making. Being realistic about your eating habits and food preferences save you money down the line, especially when you realize how much food you wind up wasting within a week or two.

9. Full-Priced Movie Tickets

If you’re looking to see the latest movie during peak times, it’ll cost you a bit more than seeing it during off-peak hours. Matinee priced movie tickets allow you to see your movie of choice and save you a few dollars. Or better yet, get a Movie Pass.

10. Pricey Sunglasses

Mariah Carey Shade

Expensive sunnies may have you looking like a million bucks, but often times what happens is most of us wind up losing them or breaking them. Instead of watching your money go down the drain, cheaper frames that fit your face will give you the same appeal, without your wallet taking a beating.

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