Blac Chyna’s Assistant’s Death Could Mean A Huge Lawsuit For Her

Blac Chyna seems to be in a lot of legal trouble as of late. She and her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian are still sorting out their drama in court and now her assistant’s family is getting ready to slap Chyna with a lawsuit.

Her assistant Lorena “Patty” Hernandez is currently on life support, but her family is planning on taking her off. A source told Page Six that Hernandez had a “third brain bleed” and pronounced brain dead on Monday.

Hernandez’s husband is going to sue Chyna after she is taken off of life support. According to Page Six, he’s suing her for “allegedly abusing his wife and not providing her with worker’s compensation.”

In July 2017 the mother of three suffered a life-changing stroke. According to her GoFundMe page, The stroke left her partially blind, and she was diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation. In December 2017 she suffered another severe brain hemorrhage. On January 11, 2018, Hernandes had a seizure that caused another brain bleed, which left her in a coma.

Chyna’s exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga both donated to Hernandez’s page, $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. Chyna never made a public donation, but supposedly she has been helping out with Hernandez’s kids and even babysat them overnight at her house.

But now a source told Page Six that Chyna hasn’t helped at all. “Remember when the news broke and she said she was helping [Hernandez] and she was helping the kids and everything? She never did,” the source said. “I mean all she pretty much did was spread the word and reach out to her baby daddies, so she felt like, ‘That’s how I helped.'”

The source also said that Chyna hasn’t been to the hospital to visit Hernandez. She only went on the first day to tell officials to not release any information to anyone and has yet to return.

Hernandez has been on life support for so long because the family is donating her organs.


According to People, Hernandez has passed away. She was taken off life support on May 18.

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