Ryan Seacrest & Katy Perry Had An Awkward Private Conversation On Live TV






Ryan Seacrest has been hosting television shows for 25 years but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. On last night’s American Idol episode Seacrest was unaware that cameras were rolling when he started talking to host Katy Perry.

The moment was so cringeworthy. Seacrest turns to Perry and she says, “We’re on.” Seacrest ignores her and goes, “Your mom’s pretty.”

Perry realizes that Seacrest has no idea the cameras are rolling. She banters with him and says, “My mom? Well, I hope the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Then Seacrest looked at the camera, still not realizing they’re live, and responded to Perry, “You are too, but you’re not a mom.” I don’t know what he’s implying but maybe Seacrest has a thing for MILFs.


Perry just seems to be smiling through the awkwardness because she knows they are live. She agrees with Seacrest that she is not yet a mom to which Seacrest says, “Wanna talk about it?”

What does that even mean? Why would Perry need to talk about not being a mom to Seacrest? Perry exclaims, “What?!” and the other judge Luke Bryan jokes that he’s late. Meanwhile, Lionel Richie, the third judge, is just sitting back watching the awkwardness ensue.

After Perry is done laughing she leans in and asks Seacrest, “Are we live?” Then Seacrest says, “I think we’re back.” YOU THINK BUDDY! YOU THINK YOU’RE BACK?! Then Perry jokes that they’re not professionals.

The exchange lasted 36 seconds and it is the longest 36 seconds I have ever seen.


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