The Royal Wedding: Wedding Gown Differences

There is already quite I difference between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Not in lives but personalities and how they follow the royal rules. Kate is very much like her husband, Prince William. Someone who follows orders and acts royal. Since William is next in line for the throne, it’s no wonder they act like they are already King and Queen. However, Markle takes from a less traditional side and chooses to spin the royal rules a bit.

Markle’s gown, which was said to be even less than Middleton’s dress, is long and radiant. Middleton wore her dress in 2011 when she tied the knot with Prince William was said to cost around £250,000. The gown was designed with long lace sleeves that connected all the way to the bottom of the corset. It was a very traditional gown that Middleton wore very elegantly.

Since Prince William is next in line for king, it’s much stricter to act royally. Making a wedding more traditional and similar to past royal weddings. They always have to watch what they are doing to stay in line with tradition. That’s why Middleton’s gown looks very similar to Princess Diana’s on the day she was married in 1981. It’s a modern take on what Princess Diana wore on her wedding day.

Markle wore a gown that was designed by a British designer, Clare Waight Keller. She is the first female Artistic Director at the historic French fashion house Givenchy. The wedding gown is topped with Queen Elizabeth II’s crown that she allowed Markle to wear. It was her something borrowed. The gown make’s the bride look like a modern day princess.

With Prince Harry being farther down the line to the throne, he and Markle can be flexible with royal rules. The eyes aren’t on them 24/7 like they are for Prince Harry and Middleton. Looking at the dresses, one is more traditional than the other. Markle’s dress fits her personality, but there is elegance in the design. Beautiful to look at and one that every little girl dreams of wearing on their wedding day.

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