‘SNL’ Season Finale Scores With ‘Sopranos’ Inspired Open

The season finale of NBC’s Saturday Night Live struck comedy cold with a cold open inspired by the final scenes of the iconic HBO series The Sopranos.

The location was the familiar Holsten’s Restaurant in Bloomfield N.J., where the final minutes of the series finale of The Sopranos took place.

Alec Baldwin entered the scene, sporting his hilarious Donald Trump pout, sat down and put change in the diner’s jukebox, playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.”


This was the song that Tony Soprano played in the last minutes of the mob-inspired series finale.

Alec was soon joined by Kate McKinnon portraying one of Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani.

Kate’s impersonation of the former New York Mayor was deadpan and on target, with a slightly creepy bent.

Ben Stiller reprised his role as Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, who in the sketch revealed he was preparing to go to jail.

“They say I might do 20 years unless I give you up,” he told Alec as Trump.

He replied, “I’ve heard jail’s fun. It’s like camp — there’s a free gym dude you’re gonna get so jacked!”

Finishing off the group were Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) and Eric Trump (Alex Moffatt), who had difficulty parking his Big Wheel outside.


This was a pun on the Sopranos finale where Tony Soprano’s daughter Meadow couldn’t parallel park her car.

But it was the appearance of legendary actor Robert DeNiro that landed the biggest applause of the sketch.

Portraying Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, Robert DeNiro sat silently in a corner, watching every move the group made.

“I have my eyes on you” the character of Mueller mimed towards Alec Baldwin’s Trump before the screen cut to black in the finale homage to The Sopranos finale.

What did you think of SNL‘s Sopranos spoof? Let us know in the comments section below.

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