A ’13 Reasons Why’ Fan Made A Trigger Warning Guide For Season 2






The Netflix Original show, 13 Reasons Why second season came out this weekend. The show has been controversial for how it depicted mental illness and suicide in its first season. Many people criticized the show for not providing proper trigger warnings and showing the main character’s graphic suicide on screen. While others praise the show for destigmatizing mental illness.

No matter what side you are on, there is no denying that the show covers some tough subjects. A Twitter user @lovesickpalaces created a trigger warning guide so everyone can watch and enjoy the show without worrying about being triggered.

The list breaks down each episode in season two by what triggering topic is being talked about or shown and the timestamp where it happens in the show. This way people watching can fast forward through that part.

The first season of the show was about Hannah, her suicide and the tapes she left behind. While the second season is less focused on suicide and more focused on sexual assault. Rape and sexual assault is the main trigger that is mentioned throughout the season.

There are trigger warnings before each episode, but this homemade guide is more in-depth than the show’s warning. This way fans can skip through parts of the episode as opposed to just blindly watch knowing that triggering stuff will be happening.

It was announced that a portion of the proceeds from 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack would be donated to the Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit organization providing free crisis intervention, and The Trevor Project, crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization for young LGBTQ+ people.

On top of donating some of the soundtrack’s earnings to those two charities, the show has a resource site, 13reasonswhy.info. The website provides fans with resources to get any sort of mental health help they need.

They have resources for suicide prevention, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, bullying and more.

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