Hailey Colborn Is The 2018 Miss Teen USA Winner






The Miss Teen USA competition took place Friday, May 18th with Hailey Colborn, Miss Kansas Teen USA, taking home the crown. This was only the second time Kansas has taken home the crown, the previous winner was Keylee Sue Sanders back in 1995.

Who is Miss Teen USA 2018?

Hailey Colborn was born in Wichita, Kansas in 2001 to Kevin and Denise Colborn. She started her school life being homeschooled but quickly changed her mind and began taking “Gifted Classes” as a Kindergartner. Her start in accelerated courses leads her to skip the fifth grade and has allowed her to have already taken 5 college-level courses as a high school student. Hailey is a part of the graduate class of 2018 from Wichita Northwest High School and is planning on studying political science in college. She has also been classically trained in ballet for over 14 years, become her senior class president and been accepted in not just one, but two Ivy League schools, Princeton and Yale.

Her Pageant Career


Hailey competed for the title of Miss Kansas Teen USA first back in 2015 where she made the top 13 at her state pageant. In 2016 she was the first runner-up and a finalist in the fitness category. Her perseverance lead her to compete again in 2017 where she took home the crown and went on to compete and win the title of Miss Kansas Teen USA 2018 in November 2017. Hailey represented Kansas proud at the Miss Teen USA competition in Shreveport, Lousiana by winning the title and being only the second girl to bring the coveted title back to Kansas since 1995.


Hailey is no ordinary 17-year-old high school graduate. She not only has the privilege of choosing between Princeton and Yale for her college career but also has made a difference in her community. She created a mentorship program three years ago called “SelfPosi,” a program where she travels to different middle schools around her community to talk to girls about the importance of self-love and positivity.

Her seminars are free to any middle school students so that any girl no matter their socio-economic status can attend and gain the knowledge she learned that helped her grow into the young woman she is today. With this program, Hailey won the 2018 Brian Bergkamp Student Service Award, a prestigious award given to members of their community who are making a positive difference in the world around them.

Hailey also went viral this past spring where she posted a video to her Instagram page opening her acceptance letter into Yale after already posting about her acceptance into Princeton.


Her passion for success will help her achieve her goals in pursuing a policial science degree at Princeton in the fall of 2018.


Hailey has also created a website, haileycolborn.com, where she posts about not only herself and her life journey but also about important topics going on in today’s society. She calls it a “portfolio,” “A place for me to grow and develop as a writer while showcasing my improvements to those who choose to follow.”

To follow Hailey’s journey as Miss Teen USA follow her Instagram page for Miss Teen USA. And to follow Hailey as a young woman growing up and making a difference in the communities around her.

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