This Rosé Keg Will Make A Classy Addition To Any Summer Party

The school year has finally come to a close, and you don’t have to go to class for the next three months. That’s certainly worth celebrating. With your newfound free time, you might want to throw a party with your friends or family, and there’s one dilemma that you’ll have to face. While crafting your alcohol game plan, you’ll realize that while you don’t want your guests to settle for warm, watered-down keg beer (gross) or jungle juice containing way too many different types of alcohol (even worse), you also don’t want to spend 8 trillion dollars splurging on fancy drinks.  What solution is there?

Never fear… The rosé keg is here!

Yes, you did hear that correctly. A company called Bridge Lane Wine has created the thing that we didn’t know we needed until now. These unique rosé kegs are perfect for National Wine Day gatherings (it’s coming up on May 25), Memorial Day partying, Fourth of July bashes, Labor Day get-togethers and literally everything in between. With 130 glasses of wine in each one, a rosé keg is sure to keep your guests satisfied all afternoon and well into the evening.

rose wine

A Bridge Lane Wine rosé keg runs at $240. While that may sound like a lot initially, it’s honestly a bargain if you do the math; each glass comes out to $2.30, which is generally cheaper than buying a bunch of individual bottles or grabbing drinks at your local wine bar. If you want in on the rosé fun but prefer small, intimate gatherings to Gatsby-esque parties, Bridge Lane Wine also sells rosé in smaller quantities: 3-liter boxes, 750-milliliter bottles, and 375-milliliter cans.

If rosé isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that it isn’t the only option. You can also purchase kegs full of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, a red blend and a white merlot. In addition to the kegs, these drinks are available in all of the same quantities as the rosé at the same prices. The alcohol stays good in a keg for up to six months unopened, and once it’s broken into with a standard keg tap, you should drink it within two days. (Or if you’re coordinated enough to store it in a kegerator, it can be good for up to two months.)

Bridge Lane Wine is based on Long Island but will ship your rosé keg straight to your door. All you have to do is chill it for three hours before consumption and then you’re good to go!

It’s time to treat yourself. You deserve nice things. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can purchase one (or all) of the beautiful wine kegs here.

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