Ashley Iaconetti Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Ashley Dating Now?

If we’re being incredibly honest, these are the images that immediately come to mind when I think of Ashely Iaconetti:

However, Iaconetti is so much more than a representation of heartbreak and despair. Though best known for her appearances on ABC’s The Bachelor and several of its spinoffs, Iaconetti’s career is taking off in other ways. She puts her Broadcasting and Digital Journalism degree to good use by contributing to Cosmopolitan, acting as a correspondent for Access Hollywood and Clevver TV, and co-hosting two podcasts.

Many fans continue to follow the television personality and journalist on social media, keeping up with her current activities and keeping tabs on her relationship status. There’s been some buzz online about Iaconetti’s love life recently, so if you have some questions about her dating history or current situation, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at some of fan-favorite Ashely I.’s most notable relationships.

Chris Soules 2014

Ashley Iaconetti made her television debut on season 19 of The Bachelor as one of the 30 women competing to win the love of Chris Soules, a farmer from Arlington, Iowa. Though there seemed to be chemistry between the two initially and Iaconetti made it past the earlier rose ceremonies, Soules decided to call it quits during week six. During a dramatic two-on-one date, Soules broke things off with both Iaconetti and fellow contestant Kelsey Poe, subsequently resulting in many tears as he left them in the middle of the Badlands.

Soules proposed to Whitney Bischoff at the end of his season, but their engagement only lasted for a few months before they mutually and amicably parted ways. Despite rumors, he did not make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise and has been quiet about his love life (or lack thereof).

Wells Adams 2016

After the emotional roller coaster she rode during season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise due to strong, unreciprocated feelings towards Jared Haibon, fans were hoping that Iaconetti would find love during season 3. Though initially not given a rose, she got to stay in “paradise” and met Wells Adams during the fourth week of the show. They dated on the show from weeks four to six, after which Adams decided that he was too unsure about the relationship to go through with their fantasy suite date.

Wells Adams is currently dating Sarah Hyland, and they’re pretty cute together, to be honest. Sorry, Ashley!

Kevin Wendt 2017-2018

After some unsuccessful runs on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Ashely Iaconetti finally found her match while participating in the first season of The Bachelor Winter Games, a winter sports-themed spinoff of the main franchise. Firefighter Kevin Wendt and Iaconetti exchanged weekly roses throughout the month-long run of the series and ended up winning the entire thing! Fans hoped that Ashley I. had finally found her match, but outside of the glamorous, controlled environment that comes along with participating in a competition reality show, Iaconetti and Wendt realized they were not compatible in the long-term. Though they decided that there was not enough love to stay together, the two parted on good terms this past spring.

Wendt has been quiet about his relationship status since the split but congratulated Iaconetti on her latest relationship with…

Jared Haibon 2018-Present

There is love in the world!

Iaconetti met Jared Haibon, a restaurant manager from Rhode Island, three years ago during season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. She fell for him instantly and fell for him hard. Though they did spend time together towards the beginning of their Bachelor in Paradise experience, Haibon ultimately decided that he was not over ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe and broke things off. Much of Iaconetti’s reputation amongst the Bachelor-watching community is rooted in her reaction to Haibon’s rejection; she spent much of the season crying over him, declaring how strong her feelings were for him, and lamenting over how they were unreciprocated.

Despite this rejection, the two of them remained friends, continuing to keep in touch. Jared seems to have finally realized how compatible they are because both of them have recently announced that they are officially in a relationship now! Iaconetti posted an Instagram picture of the new couple in a flowery field with the caption “I love my boyfriend” and Haibon posted a cute photo of their noses touching, stating, “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Awwwwww. After her dating ups and downs, Iaconetti deserves to find true love and we hope she finds it with her new boyfriend!

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