This Video Has Exposed Lil Tay For Being Fake

Lil Tay is a 9-year-old internet personality who has recently been put under the public eye for her belligerent videos gloating about her wealth and material possessions. A quick glance at her social media you can easily understand Lil Tay’s vibe, a foul-mouthed youth who likes to walk around with a brick of money and yell into the camera about how poor you are. As soon as the tot was pushed under the public microscope her internet persona began to unravel.

Quickly the internet started virtually screaming, “Where are this child’s parents? How did she get so much money? Is she real?” And shortly those questions all got answered. The 9-year-old has 2.1 million Instagram followers and her “youngest flexer of the century” attitude has been exposed as being fake.

A video is circulating showing Lil Tay’s nameless older brother coaching her on what to say during her videos. Snoop Dogg even shared the video calling Lil Tay and her brother “ignorant” and “clout chasers.” Lil Tay’s problematic internet friend, Woah Vicky threatened Snoop so it’s no wonder he’s doxing Lil Tay. The fact that the previous sentence even makes sense is wild to me.

The video looks older because her hair is brown in it and right now her hair is bleach orange. Nonetheless, the Lil Tay persona looks like a charade. On top of her brother feeding her lines, all the houses, money and cars she stunted in from her earlier videos were allegedly not her’s. Her older posts have been deleted from her Instagram after this got out.

Her mother, who is allegedly Angela Tian a former realtor for Pacific Evergreen Realty in Vancouver, Canada, filmed Lil Tay (yes, her mom is in on the gig too) at rentals of hers and in her boss’ cars. When Lil Tay’s mother’s supposed identity was uncovered she was fired. “As of last week Angela is no longer attached with our firm,” Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, confirmed to The Verge in an email. Tian was let go after being linked to Lil Tay. “Our firm does not condone this type of behavior and has no place for this in our business.”

ABC News identified Lil Tay’s mom as Angie and said she only wanted to be identified by her first name. At one point it was believed that Tian was Lil Tay’s manager as well. Now it seems like Tay has let go of her mom. She told ABC that she runs her own social accounts despite her Instagram bio saying it’s “managed by a management team.”

Text messages between Tian and her former boss confirm that her teenage son is the creative force behind Lil Tay’s videos. She also wrote, “Some people don’t get the joke,” and that Lil Tay is a comical persona. Angie also told ABC that Lil Tay is a straight A student who also likes to ice skate, play piano and practice ballet. She stresses that Lil Tay is a “well-mannered and a great kid, well-behaved,” but never shows it on her social.

Lil Tay’s persona is far from comical. It’s wild and outlandish, but not comical. Jezebel has screenshots of Lil Tay’s Twitter before it was deleted, of the pint-sized star tweeting the N-word multiple times. She’s even said it in a YouTube video, which has been taken down by the site. This is just scraping the top of the iceberg of how problematic Lil Tay is.

She told ABC that she isn’t being fed lines and it’s all her.

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