Ladies, Imagine This, A Meme That Describes All Of Your Future Hopes & Dreams

On May 20, Mallori Taylor tweeted how in 15 years from now she wants to have a quintessential life with a husband and two kids, going to baseball games and scrapbooking. Her tweet blew up because people felt the same way about their perfect future life.

It was quickly pointed out that even that Taylor’s ideal life is very normal. A tweet pointing this out went even more viral than Taylor’s tweet.

Some people were upset with this response because lusting after a stable and happy life is nothing to be ashamed of. But there is a cringy gender stereotype attached to Taylor’s tweet that is fun to make fun of.

From there Taylor’s tweet was meme-ified and now we can’t escape it. It seems like a billion trillion tweets have been posted starting with “Ladies, imagine this,” and most of them are hilarious.

At first, the meme poked fun at Taylor’s idealized basic life watching her son play a game old game of baseball.

Like all good mems on the internet, it was taken way too far. People started describing the plot to movies and TV shows through the meme.

It’s even being used to describe other memes and Vines, R.I.P.

The meme did a full 180 from the original tweet and was used to describe a child-free lifestyle with no responsibility and for sure no scrapbooking.

To be honest the meme has run its course. Enough is enough. The madness must end.

Ladies, imagine a life, where this meme died? Amazing.

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