The 6-Year-Old Who Went On Her First Run Is All Of Us

Running isn’t easy I don’t care what anyone says. To be able to run a few miles takes dedication and self-loathing. There’s a reason why no one looked forward to running the mile in gym class. Despite all the negatives of running (sweating, moving, running) people still do it because it is good exercise, unfortunately.

Sirena Salazar is a runner and typically goes on 2.2 mile runs. Her 6-year-old sister Evelyn wanted to follow in her footsteps and go on a run with her. She told BuzzFeed that at first she didn’t want Evelyn to join her, but changed her mind because her baby sister insisted and she was already dressed for their run.

In her sports bra and leggings, Evelyn was prepared to go on her first run and get her sweat on. She started out by stretching like any seasoned runner would. Then the sisters were out the door and after running around the cul-de-sac Evelyn was DONE.

Sirena snapped and tweeted the whole ordeal. After running for a short bit Evelyn was over it. “My heart’s beating so fast,” Evelyn said according to Sirena’s Snapchats. “It’s never done this before. I think it’s crying.”

Evelyn has become a meme for people who are also struggling to get on the fitness train.

People on Twitter also responded with words of encouragement.

While others shared similar stories of their younger siblings trying to go on runs with them.

If you’re wondering if Evelyn survived the run don’t worry she did. Afterward, she found solace in her My Little Pony blanket and her bed, as someone should after a run.

Running is no joke kids.

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