Love & Separation: 6 Ways To Keep Relationships At A Distance

Strong relationships at a distance exist. This is not a myth. But this is a great rarity and that is why there are so many legends around relations at a distance. If you and your second half are separated by thousands of kilometers, but you both want to keep love, follow our advice.

Communicate as often as possible and more diverse

Fortunately, we do not live in the Mesozoic era and at the disposal of mankind, there are such wonderful things as a phone, Skype, various messengers, chats … So use their potential in full! Yes, perhaps, you can take for henpecked the guy who writes his beloved girl 10 SMS in the morning when he comes to work, knocks at her simultaneously in Skype and chats in social networks, and on the way home he rings and hangs on the tube for an hour. But if it is a question of a couple that is divided into thousands of kilometers – you should not care what people think and say! You must remain the closest to each other, no matter what it costs.

Do something together

And now I’m not just about sex on the phone. Nothing, for example, does prevent you from calling your friend when you’re riding a bicycle in the park and telling her in the course of the movement how many grandmothers you knocked off safely and how many dogs you went around. Or in real time and without taking away the ear from the phone choose in the store a tie in the tone of trousers. Or synchronously watch the same movie, commenting on Skype what you see. Yes, perhaps, it smells like a cheap melodramatic staff, but what can you do without it? Your task is to create the presence of each other’s lives in every way.

With understanding, react to possible misunderstandings

And it can hardly be avoided. Most often the cause of the misunderstanding is the girl’s reaction – they can misinterpret the meaning of even the most unambiguous, simple SMS. And then do not get in touch with Skype because of this. And instead of calling a woman “hysterical”, responsively going to ignore or believe that it’s not you, it is the next PMS, you need to understand and accept the fact (though not very nice, but no less real): men and women differently perceive information.

For boys, what’s important is important. For girls other things are important: how it is done, i.e. intonation, facial expressions, and other artistic techniques. That is why girls regularly imagining something ungodly bad and blatant in the words that you originally conceived as neutral.

Do not follow each other on the Internet

The majority of normal – i.e. communicating primarily in real, and not in virtual space – couples have some immunity against, say, the unauthorized behavior of the partner in the network. Well, let’s say, you could not refrain from liking photos of your colleague in a bikini. So what? In the evening, you will meet with the girlfriend, she will friendly speak with you on the theme “that slippery little hedgehog, overdoing with auto tanning”, you will create a puzzling muzzle of the face – and that’s all, the conflict is exhausted without even having a chance to flare up. It’s another matter when you do not have the opportunity to communicate, as they say, live. Suspicions are layered one upon another, doubts are piling up, grievances are multiplying – and now the girl is already sure that you are shamelessly walking away from her, and yet you do not bother to hide it.

Remember: when the virtual world is all that you have at the moment, you have no moral right to throw the firewood on the fire of female paranoia. And since you can not be absolutely sure that she will be lazy or boring to study the history of your correspondence / track your likes, etc., it is more reason not to leave evidence that may not be interpreted in your favor.

Present surprises and make gifts

In this issue, of course, we need a financial resource and a romantic fervor, but I assure you, the efforts will be paid off in full. To order a bouquet of flowers for her to work, being at the far end of the earth, is not such a tricky task (it is enough to google a floral salon with a delivery service working in the city of the girl’s stay). Do not miss a moment, when she flips through her favorite magazine, she will admire the “stunned dress with geese and anchors”, find the very magazine, find the same dress and send it to the girl at least through DHL – it’s difficult but possible. ¬†And be ready to lightly ease the credit card. Actions of this caliber are charged by women in a very special way.

Use every opportunity to see each other.

Rumors about the fact that women love mostly with their ears are greatly exaggerated. Planned visits. Spontaneous visits to each other literally for a day. Meetings in neutral territory somewhere in the middle. Infinite stations, airports, and waiting rooms. Without this, there is no way to maintain good relations on distance.

So if you want to find bride via Internet, read this guide again and use it!

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