Nicki Minaj Is Currently Paying Off Her Fans’ Student Loans & Tuition

Last night Nicki Minaj tweeted that she is going to help her fans with the cost of their education. The rules in place to receive some green is simple, tweet with the hashtag #StudentOfTheGame and say how much money you need exactly and what that money will be going towards. To know if you’ve won Minaj will favorite your tweet and DM you with info.

She made it clear that not every tweet that she hits the like button will be getting a DM. Don’t worry if you’re just seeing this, you can still possibly get in on Minaj’s scholarship. She said to give her at least three days for a DM confirmation. Based on that Minaj will stop DMing people on May 27.

This isn’t some random thing that Minaj decided to do on a whim, she’s done this beforehand. Last year she helped pay off some fans’ college tuition, student loans and textbooks. From there Minaj decided to start a charity to keep giving and helping out her fans financially pursue higher education.

Last year she shared a screenshot of her payments to the fans on her Instagram announcing that she will be launching a charity.

The hashtag #StudentOfTheGame is filled with students vying for a DM by Minaj. Students have been sharing their acceptance letters, graduation photos and grades. The hashtag was at one point trending in the United States.

Minaj hasn’t announced any recipients, but we know whichever students she picks they’ll be worthy winners.

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