10 ‘Bachelorette’ Rules Contestants Have To Follow That You Didn’t Know About

The Bachelorette has started back up again and even though the show is in its millionth season there are still so many secrets and rules that huge Bachelor fans don’t know about.

1. You have to get an STD test before being cast.


According to Andy Kaufman’s tell-all Bachelor franchise book, “Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure,” STD’s are the main factor for why some people never make it to the Bachelor mansion. Herpes is the biggest reason why some hopefully contestants get cut.

2. You have to go through a rigorous psych evaluation.


Anyone up for an 800 questionnaire that you have to ace in order to find your soul mate on national television?

3. You agree to be filmed 24/7.

The Bachelor/ette contestants are filmed every waking second like they’re on Big Brother, minus the live feeds. They have to sign a contract giving the production company to film and audio record them all day every day.

4. Contestants spend thousands of dollars on clothes.

bachelorette becca

Jordan may have gotten flack for talking about how well dressed he is, but it is a huge factor. One contestant Jillian Harris re-mortgaged her home and spent $8,000 on clothes. Contests are also only allowed to bring two suitcases with them into the house.

5. There is no AC in the mansion.

bachelorette becca

There is no AC in the Bachelor house because the noise would affect the audio quality. We would never be able to hear the snide remarks someone says under the breath with the AC on.

6. Getting ready is no easy feat.


The mansion only has four showers and everyone has to do their own hair and makeup. There are only hair and makeup teams for the first and last episodes. So everyone is rushing around trying to get ready with no AC on, sounds awful.

7. You’re not allowed to eat on the dates.

There is no eating on the dates because, once again, the sound quality! No one wants to hear someone chewing on their food while the other is professing their love to them. Contestants eat before they go on their elaborate dates.

8. Basically, everything is banned.


When you’re on the show you are not allowed to have your phone, laptop, tablet, magazine, books or watch television. You are literally living in a Bachelor bubble and are forced to hang with everyone else. You’re allowed to listen to music if it’s approved by a producer. Typically they’ll lend you an iPod during a flight.

9. You can’t hook up with the producers.

This seems to be a given, but still needs to be addressed. One contestant was sent home for having relations with a producer.

10. That Neil Lane engagement ring comes with strings attached.

bachelorette becca

You can only keep the engagement ring if you two stay together for two years. If you break up before your two year engagement anniversary then ABC gets to keep your ring.

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