How To Have A Successful Tinder Profile

Although I personally want to meet the love of my life while sipping coffee in Barnes and Noble and reading my favorite book, I have come to terms with the fact that the online dating age is upon us, and the romantic comedy meet-cutes that I have grown up on are not as frequent as I once believed. So for all of those out there who have wholly embraced the concept of online dating, here are some tips and tricks to make your online dating profile stand out to your romantic comedy counterpart.

1. Be yourself in your Bio ( yes this includes your profile picture)

Whether you joined Tinder for a quick hookup or a long lasting relationship, ensuring that you are yourself in your bio can best help your search to match with someone whom you are compatible with. I mean would you rather make out with a random in a bar that you absolutely despise or someone that you would gladly watch 3 seasons of Game of Thrones with? A great Tinder profile will portray yourself in the best light without any exaggerations or compensations. Just be honest. Do you really like hiking or are you more of a Netflix binge-watcher? Are you really willing to pretend that you’ve seen all seasons of The Office, or can you truly commit to the number of episodes that you’ve laugh/cried to of Parks and Rec? Try to keep your bio at a medium length while still getting all of the important stuff in, like activities, favorite shows, what music you like, and anything about you that is sure to strike up a conversation with your potential matches.

2. Have at least 5 diversified pictures of yourself

Having not only nice, but varying pictures of yourself is a definite boost to your match ratio. Make sure to at least include one full body picture as well as one selfie. Someone out there is going to like you for exactly who you are, and what you look like, so don’t shy away from the photo aspect of the app. Showing your face is a requirement, not an option! Sprinkling in a couple of group photos is nice here and there, but make sure that most of your photos include only you and your beautiful face.

3. When you get a match don’t just say hey

Honestly, the best options for starting a conversation on a dating app are a reference to the match’s bio or a cheesy yet funny enough pickup line. If you’re looking for a potentially stimulating conversation I would suggest discussing something that interests the both of you based off of the person’s bio. If the person has no bio ( which is a bit boring and maybe you shouldn’t swipe right on this person) then woo them with a funny yet endearing pickup line that the both of you can laugh over before engaging in actual conversation. Here are some suggestions: “On a scale of 1-America How free are you tonight ?” Cheesy yet thought-provoking.

4. Don’t take forever to meet

Unless you’re fine with beginning a long distance relationship, and having it stay that way, make sure that you ask to hang out in an appropriate timeline. Conversation is nice, but you’ll only see if you are truly compatible with someone in person. Try to have plans for a date or whatever it is that you want to do within a week or two of talking to them. Inexpensive yet cute dates are always welcome suggestions! Maybe the two of you could plan to binge watch Harry Potter or explore downtown in whatever area you’re in and eat at a small cafe. The possibilities of cheap “get to know you” dates are endless.

5. Make your intentions clear

Repeat after me, “I will not send an unsolicited nude without knowing this person’s intentions.” This cannot be stressed enough. Before sending anything to any stranger that you don’t know at all, make sure to set a precedent for what your expectations are. Is this a casual fling, or are you looking for more emotional substance? More often than not your…..surprise if you will, is going to be regarded as creepy and violating rather than an ensured future date.

Overall, in order to make your online dating experience enjoyable and productive for not only you but your prospective matches as well, follow these tips and add beneficial contributions to your love life. Good luck and have fun swiping!

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