10 Easy Ways To Avoid Overspending Daily


In 2018,¬† saving your coins and spending wisely is the new money-saving trend for the year. Looking for ways to cut costs, save money and analyzing our weekly budgets with a fine tooth comb is the goal so many of us are doing to make sure our bank accounts are fatter so we are able to afford and live comfortably for the months ahead. You may have thought that you cut down on your spending, but there are actually tons of other ways we overspend on little things everyday. Before you know it, those little things can add up to some serious paper. If you’re looking to cut down even more on overspending, take a look at these 10 things we overspend on everyday and how to avoid throwing some of our hard earned money away.

1. You mindlessly shop.



It’s easy to wander in a store when you’ve got time to kill, but what usually happens when you do find yourself killing time in a store is it turns into an impromptu and unexpected shopping trip. To avoid wandering and spending money you never intended to spend, find some other ways to pass your time that are free. Sit in your car. Phone a friend. Play Candy Crush. Scroll through social media. Whatever you do, avoid wandering to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

2. You pay for parking.

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Instead of dropping your dollars to pay for parking, throw your heels in your bag and power walk the 3 or 4-minute commute from your car to your destination. Not only are saving some money (that adds up quickly), you get some steps in for the day. If your commute is too far to walk it, consider taking public transit to save you a couple of dollars daily. If you must drive into work, leave a few minutes early to look for free street parking to avoid having to shell out your quarters at the meter.

3. You don’t plan (your meals) accordingly.

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Weekly meal planning not only saves you time but during those instances where you’re running late and won’t make it home in time to pop the lasagna in the oven, you can switch it out for a less time-consuming meal that won’t have you running to the store to pick up something quick. Also, during those days where you’ve gone all day without eating or skipped a meal, buying (and storing) nutritious snacks and keeping them tucked away in your desk will prevent you from running out to the street carts for a quick filler. Not to mention you’ll save money on take out when you have meals prepped.

4. You wait to get gas.

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Waiting to get gas until it’s absolutely needed will¬†often have you falling victim to bad and higher gas prices than what you usually pay. Since you know where the most affordable gas station is, schedule in a time during the week where you can go and fill your car up so you’re not left having to overspend on gas later.

5. You’re signed up for newsletters.

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These days once you purchase something from a website, they automatically sign you up for their daily e-newsletters which usually consist of countless email blasts about sales and coupons. To avoid being subjected to newsletter jail (and to free up your inbox) hit unsubscribe. You’ll be more inclined to spend when you get a coupon.

6. You pay for a fancy gym membership.

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Sure that fancy gym that provides fluffy towels and puts fruit in their water sounds fabulous, but spending the extra coin just to workout is more wasteful, especially when you only hit the gym every couple of months. Ditch paying the premium price to a fancy gym and get a basic gym membership where you can work up a sweat in instead. Or go gym-free and workout in your house or outside.

7. You don’t have insurance

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There are very few things you can do without but when it comes to insurance that’s not true. No matter what anyone tells you, you need insurance! And the older you get, the more you come to realize just how important insurance is-dental included. Not having coverage will cost you BIG BUCKS in the long run and these days there are tons of options to find affordable coverage for the year. If you have pet, also make sure to get pet insurance. It sounds silly but your pet’s medical needs can add up to be just as much as humans. Avoid the hefty vet bills and get coverage just in case.

8. You don’t plan for the unexpected.

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Unexpected things happen that’s life. And while you can pat yourself on the back for planning out your weekly budget in great detail, often times what happens is we forget to factor in the unexpected that sometimes happens. Make room in your budget and plan for those just in case moments that tend to sneak up on us every now and again.

9. You get car washes.

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Car washes sound like a great way to save you some time but you wind up paying four times as much when they hand-dry your car and run a vacuum through it on the inside. Wash your own car and use the free vacuum stations to clean out the inside. The few minutes you take to clean your car will save you a few dollars.

10. You buy new clothes.


There’s almost little to no excuse for you to pay full price for your clothes these days. Between thrift stores, the Internet and discount stores, finding something cute and affordable is easy. It also saves you from spending extra money.

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