How To Use The Law Of Attraction

Imagine this… You are lying on a rainbow floatie, in a pool the size of a small house, in front of a mansion that lies on a cliff overlooking the ocean. A chocolate Hershey bar is in your left hand, and your favorite book is in your right. Your Gucci sunglasses are resting on your forehead and your personal chef just called out the window to let you know that your filet mignon is cooked to perfection. Now imagine that all of this is yours… just because you consistently thought about having it. It may sound crazy, but many people in the world have attested to the powerful effects of the law of attraction. All fortune telling and mumbo-jumbo aside, the law of attraction is not merely wishful thinking and saying stuff over and over again in your head. It involves claiming what you want in a way that makes you genuinely believe that you are going to have what you want. Once you firmly believe that you are going to have whatever it is that you desire, and you consistently make this claim, the universe will act accordingly. Although the law of attraction will probably not work the night before your test that you forgot to study for, if you put into practice the following steps, you may very well end up in your own private ocean-side pool.

Step 1: Set your intention

What do you want to attract? Why do you want to attract this?  Will it benefit your life in the future? How will it make your life better or make you a better person? Also, is it fair? Some do’s and don’ts of setting your intention. Do: attract anything that will positively affect you and not harm anyone else. The law of attraction can go hand in hand with karma, in that what goes around comes around. Trying to attract harm toward someone will only attract harm toward you. Likewise, in regard to love, don’t try to attract a specific person, think of attracting someone who is right for you in general. Attracting a specific person may not be fair to the other person if they do not feel the same way about you, whereas attracting love, in general, will lead the right person for you to you. Really think about why you want what you want and think about the consequences, positive or negative, that this manifestation will have on your life. A helpful asset to this is meditation. Meditating will help you to hone your focus on the questions that you need to ask regarding your manifestation to see if the manifestation is right for you in the first place (See ). So let’s say that our intention is to attract a yacht, because we love boating and fancy things, and a yacht will allow us to fancily boat with our family and friends. After we meditate and successfully realize why we want this yacht, we now need to make our plan of how we are going to obtain it.

Step 2:  Make a plan of Action

Okay so how are we going to get this yacht? Sitting down with our eyes closed and muttering yacht over and over isn’t going to cut it. A plan is in order. Now is the time to transition from the thinking pattern of ” I want a yacht” to the thinking pattern of ” I will have a yacht.” Dealing with the universe also involves thinking realistically. Do you have a career plan in place that can provide you with enough income in order to buy a yacht? Is there an eBay account that sells used yachts or perhaps an old family member that is worn out from their old yachting days? The law of attraction will aid you in making your dreams become a reality, but the effort needs to be taken in order to hasten the process. The Law of attraction is what will make all of the key pieces fall into place. Having a planner is useful in this step, chart out what you think needs to happen exactly for your dreams to manifest and try to complete all of your steps to the best of your ability, all the while claiming that what you want is within reach.

Step 3:  Put your plan into practice and be conscious

Implement your action plan in real life. This step is not only acting out what you’ve written down but being conscious of your everyday situations involving how what you are doing can lead to your manifestation becoming true. Look out for indicators that the universe is giving you as a reward for your action plan. So we’ve written down how we could get our yacht and we are at a party in the Hamptons that our rich friend invited us to. Very prestigious attendees to the party happen to be in the field of work that we are looking into, so we begin to network. Overall, every small step that we take is leading to our future yacht.

Step 4: Adjust your plan

After a few weeks check your progress and see if you need to adjust anything.  Do we still even want a yacht or do we want another type of boat? Are we still into boating? Do we need to look at another field of work, and is getting a yacht realistic in the path that we have chosen?  For example, at our friend’s party, we end up meeting a large holder of a very expensive firm who also happens to know a dealer of yachts. How can we adjust our interactions with this person to put us in the right position to gain what we desire? Are we willing to join in cahoots with this firm member in order to get closer to the yacht dealer?

Step 5: Let go but don’t give up

Sometimes we have done all that we can, and all that there is left to do is trust the universe and see what happens. This does not mean that what we desired is completely out of sight, but maybe we need to give the universe time to manifest this thing while we sit back and continue to claim it.  Miracles may need time. Perhaps we have successfully joined the firm and made contact with the yacht dealer but we’re waiting for our salary to come in and need to save up more. At least we know that our yacht is in sight! Now we can sit back and just keep doing what we are doing while making the appropriate adjustments.

It may sound like a bunch of hocus pocus, but there are several accounts of the well-reaped benefits of the law of attraction. Wanting to have something simply isn’t enough anymore to actually have that thing. When we have thoughts such as “I want a yacht” or “I want to meet Beyonce” we are simply sending those thoughts out for the universe to send back out to us. By saying “I want to have a yacht” all the universe can say back is “yeah you do want a yacht, that’s cool bro.” We need to claim that we are going to receive whatever it is that we desire, and then we will be able to enjoy the breeze on our yacht while working to manifest our pool and our mansion. Good luck with your manifestations!

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