National Donut Day 2018: Best Memes & Jokes

If you weren’t aware, its National Donut Day! That’s right, there’s a day that celebrates Donuts and you might be wondering what did we do to deserve a day that’s dedicated to donuts? Sit down and be prepared for a little history lesson.

During World War I, about 250 volunteers traveled overseas to France and set up small huts located near the front lines where they could give soldiers clothes, supplies, and baked goods. Two women, Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance found out that serving baked goods would be hard considering the conditions of the huts and the limited rations, so they started to fry donuts in the helmets of the soldiers. The donuts boosted morale and won the hearts of many soldiers.

In fact, the women who served donuts to the troops are called “Donut Dollies” and they’re often credited with popularizing the donut in the United States when the troops (which were nicknamed doughboys) returned home from war. In fact, Donut Lassies not only served donuts, but they also served coffee in the soldiers in the trenches. The donut idea meant bringing the soldiers cheer during the war. The reason why Salvation Army workers were in the fighting zones of France, wasn’t because of the donuts, but they were there primarily to give spiritual aid and comfort to the American soldier and his allies. They were also there to be a link with home and family and they continued to provide comfort, care and yes, donuts to American soldiers during the Second World War. Thus, creating the National Donut Day on the first Friday in June back in 1938.

Another thing that The Salvation Army did, they started National Donut Day during the Great Depression as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to the social service programs of The Salvation Army.

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