‘The Bold Type’ Is The Best Show You’re Probably Not Watching

In the past year or so, shows have been getting canceled left to right and even some of the shows that do get canceled, are the most popular shows. As an avid TV watcher myself, I have felt heartbreak hearing that one show that I could escape reality, got canceled.  Like everyone else, I’ve watched shows with female leads that had fallen into the familiar trope, which the watcher would be shouting to the TV saying “Is she really going to pick that guy from next door or is she going to picking the other guy who’s a professional salsa dancer?” This is something that I like to call, the annoying love triangle effect.

This effect happens when show creators decide to pin two people up against each other just because both of them have feelings for one particular person and creates melodrama for no reason at all.  It also creates this false narrative where it’s telling us, the audience, that its okay for having, for example, two guys coming after us like we’re some damsel in distress. Which, we’re not.

When Freeform’s The Bold Type first aired last summer, I was kind of anxious because I didn’t want to be sucked into another series where the female lead relies on a man to save her.  After seeing a bunch of gifsets and video clips of the show on Tumblr, I took a chance and silently made a promise to myself, if I saw something anything about how a woman needs a man, I was out. I can safely say that I have fallen in love with it. I’ve always known that a woman’s life can be vivid, fulfilling without a knight in shining armor. In fact, the three main leads are the ones in the shining armor and they’re involved in romantic relationships as well. You might be wondering, what’s the show about? I got you covered.

The show follows three women around their mid-twenties, working their way up the career ladder at “Scarlet”, the nation’s top women’s magazine. In fact, it’s based on Cosmo and it’s executive-produced by Joanna Coles, Cosmo’s former editor-in-chief.  The series follows Jane, a new writer trying to make her mark. Kat, the Social Media Director trying to make an impact, and Sutton, is an assistant trying to find her perfect job. We are also introduced to the editor in chief, Jacqueline Carlyle, who is modeled after the persona of Coles.

Speaking of Jacqueline, she sets the bar high for bosses everywhere. You might be wondering, is she like the stereotypical boss? No, she’s quite the opposite. She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s kind, clever, understanding, and wants to encourage women to look and feel and she’s not shy about the fact that her magazine has a lot to do with fashion and dating advice. Here’s a great mantra that sums Jacqueline up.  “Here’s a fabulous pair of jeans, now go climb a mountain,”

Not only the show focuses on romances, but it also focuses on positive, supportive female friendships.  You might wonder, is there any backstabbing, undermining and one-upping exist in The Bold Type? Nope, you don’t see that at all in the show. Unlike Gossip Girl, the women of The Bold Type solve their issues in ways that matter, i.e. through confrontation, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Their relationships have flaws, honest, brave, and bold, making it real and relatable. With each character, their arc is well-paced and it was something accomplished in each of the ten episodes. You can see yourself in these characters, Jane’s irrational rationality, Kat’s determination to stand up for what she believes in, Sutton’s journey to find out what she wants matches which career path we want to pursue.  I can say confidently, there is inarguably you will relate to and would be happy that you have checked out this series.

This series means a lot in today’s day and age because they have not only tackle sexual orientation in an orderly, tasteful fashion where Kat falls in love with Adena, a Muslim photographer. Sexual orientation is not the only topic they cover, but equality in a way that everyone can relate to. They also addressed sexual assault in one of the episodes, and they did not brush it aside like some shows would. It also showed women supporting their sisters in a way that was so beautifully done. They talked about how important it is to get a screening for breast cancer and see if you’re a high risk for it or not and it helped Jane and the editor in chief come closer and bond.  It also talked about feminism, which has been a big thing these past years due to the Women’s March, #MeToo, and #TimesUp. In the end, it opens up a narrative or a discussion if you will, for you to have with your friends or co-workers.

So please do yourself a favor, go and check out The Bold Type.

The Bold Type Season 2 Trailer

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