Top 5 Best LGBTQ Movies To Watch – Pride Month 2018

The month of June means Summer weather, vacations and the start of Pride Month. Every year the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month in June to honor the Stonewall Riots back in 1969 which was the tipping point for The Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Since the first Gay Liberation Parade in 1970, Pride Month has blossomed into hundreds of festivals and parades around the nation. After you hit up your local Pride parade snuggle up with your partner or even your friends with one of these top five best LGBTQ movies.

The Birdcage

An oldie but a goodie. “The Birdcage” was released in 1996 with an all-star cast of Robin Williams Gene Hackman, Nathen Lanes, and Dianne Wiest. The film was based on a previous Franco-Italian film in 1978 called, “La Cage aux Folles.” It takes place in South Beach, Florida with Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) the owner of “The Birdcage,” a drag-club him, and his partner Albert, (Nathen Lane), the star attraction of the club live above. The two face an unexpected surprise when Armond’s son comes home to tell them he’s engaged to a Republican senator’s daughter, Barbara. The rest of the film is about how this very proud and out gay couple will mesh with a very conservative Republican family. With ups and downs this movie will not only tug at your heart strings and send a beautiful message of coming together as one, but it will leave you on the floor laughing at the same time.


This film was released in 2015 to pay tribute to those who were involved in the 1969 Stonewall Riots on Christopher Street in New York City. The film focuses on the character of Danny Winters, played by Jeremy Irvine, who runs away from a small town in Indiana after he was kicked out when his parents found out he was gay. The film follows his journey to New York City where he meets a group of multiracial gay and genderfluid street kids who help him find his place when he couldn’t do it alone. The most famous scene in the film was towards the end when these street kids had finally had enough of the seclusion and discrimination they were facing, The Stonewall Riots. Without giving away the ending, you can probably guess it went over pretty well, but not without a fight. The LGBTQ community has theses riots and fighters to thank for the very first Gay Liberation Parade that took place just a few short months after these riots.


Released in 2008, Milk, was pivotal for being one of the first biographical films to show a gay rights activist and politician on the big screen. Harvey Milk, played by Sean Penn, was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The film follows the true story of Harvey Milk, from his role in the office all the way to his tragic assassination. The film was nominated for multiple Acadamy Awards including Best Picture while winning two for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Penn and Best Screenplay.

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar

Another classic, released in 1995 this film’s cast shocked the world. When macho actors like Wesely Snipes and Patrick Swazey take off their stunt gear and put on makeup and heels you know, it is going to be a good movie. After tying for the title of New York City’s “Drag Queen of the Year” contest, Noxeema Jackson (Wesley Snipes) and Vda Bohem (Patrick Swazey) embark on a journey to Hollywood to compete for the “Miss Drag Queen of America” pageant. The trip is not as smooth sailing as expect, while still celebrating their victory they come across Chi-Chi Rodriguez who they take under their wing to turn him from “a boy in a dress” to a “drag-princess.” This film is full of laughter and very serious messages of unity as their journey to Hollywood goes on. Who wins the crown, you’ll have to watch to find out.


This drama film, released in 2015 had been in the making for over 18 years with the first draft of the screenplay being released in 1997. The film takes place during Christmas time in 1952 where an aspiring photographer, Therese Belivet meets Carol Arid a beautiful statuesque woman in a department store while shopping for her daughter. The film goes on to follow the development their messy love affair between one another, while both in relationships with men. Do they leave their relationships to be with each other? Watch this drama packed film to find out.

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