What Are The World’s Luckiest Numbers?

While it is commonly known that 13 is an unlucky number in Western cultures, there is a string of other numbers that supposedly bring good fortune in equal measure. Lots of people like the fact that certain numbers can help ‘define’ outcomes of their future life. Numerology has various meanings around the world, with nations in all four corners of the world attributing good or bad fortune to numbers. As we’re feeling positive today, let’s take a look at some of the numbers considered to be the luckiest by cultures around the world.

Numbers in business

China is one of the most superstitious nations when it comes to lucky numbers. Chinese people have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the number eight. According to Travel China Guide’s article on social customs, eight represents prosperity, success and higher levels of social status. In fact, Chinese entrepreneurs have favored it so much that they are often prepared to pay more to have a business telephone number featuring the number eight in it. High-rise commercial properties also experience significant competition among businesses to secure office space on the eighth floor. Lucky numbers have also played a part elsewhere in business. French perfume icon Coco Chanel said five was her lucky number, preferring to launch her collections on the fifth day of the fifth month, which was also the reason behind her naming of Chanel No 5.

Lucky number seven?

One lucky number that appears to transcend cultures around the world is the number seven. There’s no doubt that it’s a number that features heavily in our everyday lives. Betway Casino’s review of what makes a number lucky states that the number seven is linked to the number of colors in a rainbow, the number of continents in the world, the number of deadly sins and even the number of days in a week. The Conversation has also investigated why seven is considered lucky, with a discussion about the UK Numbers Festival, hosted by Newcastle University back in 2015. Of the 442 people who answered their survey, some 13% of respondents said seven was their luckiest number – double the second luckiest number, four. Interestingly, many people admitted they chose number seven as their lucky number without any legitimate reason, other than that they liked it. Furthermore, more people chose odd numbers than even numbers as their favorite number. Various psychologists have suggested that the reason so many people like the number seven is that our brains prefer storing data in sevens, ensuring smoother brain function.

Further north of the UK, in Norway, the number nine is viewed as an incredibly lucky and powerful number. Its relevance to Norse mythology is said to be the main reason, with nine realms said to have existed. The number nine is also highly revered in China, who have labelled it as the number of the emperor. Ironically, while the Norwegians and Chinese view the number nine as sacred, the Japanese and Koreans view it as a number of suffering. This numerical symbolism just goes to show that so many of our lucky numbers are linked to legends or superstitions passed down through the generations, rather than being selected due to any substance.

Lucky numbers and the lottery


Lucky numbers also play a major part in people’s lottery number selections. Unfortunately, the chances of winning the lottery are exceptionally low. Nevertheless, superstition can play a huge part in lotteries and by selecting our lucky numbers we often feel like we’re giving ourselves a better chance of prevailing out of the millions that enter. According to the Daily Mail’s article on lucky lottery numbers, the number 16 should be considered lucky as it has been drawn 50 times more than the number 18. A review of over 1,500 lottery draws across 15 lotteries worldwide, including the US Powerball and the EuroMillions, found that 16, 22 and 28 were the luckiest lottery numbers, appearing the most during the last 12 months.

Religion and its influence on lucky numbers

There are also religious connotations with some lucky numbers in certain cultures. The Italians view the number three as the ‘perfect number’. This is not only based on their belief that the triangle shape is ‘indestructible’, but it also has biblical connotations, spanning the Father, son and holy spirit. The number three also has religious connections in other Christian countries given that Jesus rose on the third day and preached the gospel for three years.

Admittedly, there is no hard and fast scientific evidence to suggest that numbers do bring us luck or not. But there’s no denying that lucky numbers can give individuals a much-needed confidence boost and help us to make decisions that require some form of logical reasoning. What’s your lucky number? Why were you drawn to it? Let us know!

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