Top 10 Best Beauty Products For The Beach

Summer is among us, and that means vacations to the beach are a must on your summer to-do list. Whether it is a quick trip with your girlfriends, a family vacation or a getaway with your significant other the beach is always a great way to spend your hot summer days. When it comes to packing your beach bag for the day there is still the necessary sunglasses, beach towel, and snacks, but what about some beauty products to throw on in there as well. Here are the top 10 best beauty products to bring with you to the beach.


This is an essential item for anyone to bring along on their beach day. Sunscreen is a must have to keep your skin protected and healthy, not to mention to prevent the dreaded sunburn lines from your bikini. Hawaiian Tropic makes a few great options to choose. They have an SPF 30 Antioxidant+ sunscreen that not only will protect your skin from sun damage and aging, but also contains a green tea antioxidant complex. That will keep your skin feeling soft and supple under the hot sun. Get yours here.


Sometimes even your favorite sunscreen’s don’t smell the best, or maybe you just want to wear perfume, either way, these few perfumes will have you feeling like you are on a tropical vacation, and everyone will ask you what you’re wearing. Each of these sents has hints of sweet summery notes that are to die for on a summer vacay.

Dasiy Love by Marc Jacobs: here!

At The Beach from Bath and Body Works: here!

Brazilian Crush by Sol de Janeiro: here.

BB or CC Cream With SPF

When you’re going to the beach, the last thing you want is a full face of foundation, concealer, and powder that will just sweat off. However, you still want your face looking flawless and radiant with just a hint of coverage. If this is you finding a BB or CC cream that has SPF already in it will be your best friend. Smashbox Cosmetics makes a great and super easy to apply BB water with SPF 30.

It comes in a bottle with a dropper that you can either use your fingertips and apply or add it in with your moisturizer to achieve the same effect. This BB water comes in four different tone matching shades that will leave you with just enough coverage without feeling like you have foundation on. Check out the shade range and pick yours up here.

Face Sunscreen

Not into any foundation or BB cream for the beach, we have you covered! Hawaiian Tropic also sells a lightweight face sunscreen with SPF 30 that won’t clog your pores but will protect you from the sun. Check it out here.


With highlighting being one of the biggest fads in the beauty community, you can’t skip out on it at the beach. Using just a touch of highlighter over your BB cream will help not only set it in place, but also give you a bit of glow for your perfect beach selfie. Becca and Jaclyn Hill’s collaboration highlighter Champagne Pop will forever be one of the best highlighters on the market. It has the perfect tone and amount of shimmer to keep you looking like a goddess. Buy yours here.

Not feeling like Champagne Pop is your color, not to worry! Becca has 11 other shades to choose from as well.

Body Bronzer

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พร้อมส่ง Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer: Shape, Hydrate & Glow ราคา 2,750 บาท (รวมส่ง EMS) Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel บอดี้ชิมเมอร์ช่วยกระชับสัดส่วนและผิวกายดูตึงกระชับ เป็นอีกหนึ่งอาวุธลับของบรรดาซุปตาร์ต่างประเทศที่นิยมใช้กันทั้งวันพักผ่อนชิลๆ หรือแม้แต่วันสำคัญที่ต้องอวดเรือนร่างและผิวสวยบนพรมแดงค่ะ Supermodel Body อุดมไปด้วยสารสกัดจากเห็ดชิตาเกะ ช่วยปกป้องคอลลาเจนในชั้นผิวให้คงอยู่ ทำให้ผิวดูเฟิร์มและเปล่งปลั่ง นอกจากนี้ยังมีส่วนผสมของคาเฟอีนช่วยดีทอกซ์ผิวให้เรียบเนียนขึ้นและลดอาการบวมของผิว อีกทั้งยังมีส่วนผสมของเมนทอลให้ความรู้สึกเย็นและช่วยกระตุ้นการไหลเวียนของเลือดให้คล่องขึ้น เป็นสกินแคร์สำหรับบอดี้แนะนำให้ใช้ต่อเนื่องกันเพื่อผลลัพธ์ที่ดีค่ะ #jeban#lookbook#weloveshopping#club21thailand#chanelthailand#sretsis#disaya#kloset#wila#vatanika#milin#sephora#sephorathailand#lynaround#lauramercierthailand#narsthailand#lamerthailand#macthailand#bobbibrownthailand#ladyribbon#senada#stylenanda#ptbrandname#พร้อมส่ง#sleepingpills#somethingboudoir#charlottetilburymakeup#charlottetilburythailand#supermodelbodyshimmer

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Everybody wants their body to be in perfect shape for your summer vacation, and after all your hard work has paid off, you want your skin looking just as great. Body bronzers are great travel-friendly beauty products that can take your skin to the next level and have it glowing in the sun. Most body bronzers will not only give you a bit of a sunkissed tan but also will provide a bit of a glow for the sun to beam right off your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury has a travel-friendly body bronzer and shimmer called Supermodel Body that will become a staple in your makeup collection. Its roll-on applicator makes it easy just to put anywhere you choose and rub it in with your fingers, and that’s it!  Check out the Supermodel Body bronzer here, and use it on your next vacation.

Texture Spray

After you get out of the ocean and you’re ready to keep tanning your hair might be looking a bit crazy from all that salt water. One way to fix by adding some texture spray to your hair. Texture spray will add some structure and hold back to your hair to give it those beach curls every one wishes they had. IGK has an excellent texture spray called Beach Club Texture Spray that is perfect for all hair types and styles. It’s unique because it is salt-free which will prevent your hair from drying out, especially since you’re under the hot sun. This lightweight and buildable spray will leave your hair looking effortless, yet still beautiful, get yours here.

Tangle Teezer

This brush will become a tangled mess’s dream. If you struggle with super tangled hair or it’s super windy that day on the beach, this brush will come in handy. Tangle Teezer brushes are designed to work with wet hair by being gentle enough not to get the job done. Tangle Teezer has many different brush styles and sizes to choose from, find which one works best for you here.

Aftersun Lotion

You were out on the beach all day, and even though you kept applying your sunscreen, your skin is bound to be a bit dried out and looking for some good lotion. After sun lotion is always your best bet because it includes aloe, which will help soothe any burned areas as well as keep your skin from peeling and that tan you worked hard to get will stay. Hawaiian Tropic carries a Silk Hydration Weightless Aftersun Lotion that will keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Not to mention it’s coconut and papaya scented so you’ll smell like the beach even when you’re not there. You can buy yours, here.

Face Mask

After you’ve used your aftersun lotion, it’s time to give your face some attention. After you’ve sweat all day, been in and out of the ocean and had reapplied your SPF too many times to count, you need to get it all off your face. Facemasks will do wonders to your skin, and they feel great also. Glam Glow has a great variety of face masks to choose from depending on your skin concerns. After the beach, you will probably want to do a mud mask to get all the dirt and grime out of your pores and follow it up with a hydrating mask from the sun and heat. Check out both their Supermud activated charcoal treatment and Thirstymud hydrating treatment as well as their others here.

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