Top 5 New Nail Polishes To Try This Summer

There’s no better way to start off the summer than by breaking out a bottle of nail polish and going to town. With the warmer weather finally here, it’s time to pick a sizzling color that will spice up your summer looks. If you’re guilty of standing by the same few colors, however, now is the perfect time to branch out and try something new. Here are 5 new nail polish options to try this summer to take your mani game to the next level.

5. Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Make Me Clay”

A gray-nude color like “Make Me Clay” is always on trend. Combined with a formula that nourishes your nails during wear and up to 10 days of fade and chip resistance, you can’t go wrong with this nail polish color.

4. Essie “Blanc”

This snowy white color is a favorite of Olivia Culpo’s, and it’s easy to see why. This polish is a basic color which can pop and match with any outfit, and is a great bang for your buck.

3. Hard Candy Classic Nail Color “Baby Blue”

Hard Candy boasts a creamy, opaque color selection that can’t be beaten. This light blue color delicate, but is still able to dazzle with any style. This color is also great for enhancing the look of your summer tan!

2. JINsoon “Pixie”

No nail polish collection is complete without a sheer pink in the mix. This shade is adaptable and chic with just about any aesthetic, and is always a safe bet for a reliable and neutral look.

1. Chanel Le Vernis Longwear “Vamp”

This shimmery Bordeaux color is not for the faint of heart. Made famous by Uma Thurmon in “Pulp Fiction”, this polish is the perfect way to add some spice to any look.

Try one of these shades out, and give yourself a styling mani for the summer!

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