Crayola Is Releasing A Makeup Line For Your Inner Child

Get ready to relive some of your fondest childhood memories, because Crayola is releasing a beauty line. Known for their color variety and pigment, the Crayola art supplies that you used as a kid to color inside the lines are now being reimagined for coloring outside the lines and on to your face.

Crayola’s massive makeup line is the result of a collaboration with British online retailer ASOS. However, Crayola is no stranger to the beauty industry. The company has been collaborating with Sally Hansen since 2017 and just last month the duo released six new InstaDri nail polish shades inspired by iconic crayon colors. Each nail polish hue maintained its original Crayola title and every bottle featured the art supply company’s trademark squiggle pattern on the cap.

Crayola’s artsy collaboration with ASOS has yielded a whopping 58-product lineup featuring a rainbow assortment of 95 colors, much more impressive than your classic ROYGBIV. Items included in the collection are a brush kit, 3 eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, a lip palette, 3 mascaras, 4 highlighters, 24 face crayons and 7 trios.

Makeup enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that the collection is made from vegan and cruelty-free materials. Products will range in price from $15 to $40, which means that you can partake in some good old-fashioned artistry without breaking the bank.

Items will be available on the ASOS website beginning on June 4th. This is a limited-edition collection, so act quickly to make sure that both your inner child and your inner artist don’t miss out!

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