7 Things You Hate, Yet Love In Your 20s

We all have love/hate relationships with plenty of things in our 20’s. It’s a proven fact, indeed. First and foremost, the idea of being an adult had always been fun until you are one. However, it can still be something that’s fun and somewhat exciting.

When you think about having a love-hate relationship, think of it as a love-hate relationship with a movie that you saw or music. One thing that our parents didn’t tell us when we were dying to be adults when we were little, we have to be responsible for a lot of things. Gas, money, bills, food, making sure you have a running car with A/C & heat, the list goes on and on. Although, that doesn’t mean you have to be in a state of hatred all the time. Here’s a list of the things I complied and present you with.

Working Out

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all agree that working out would be a lot better if we didn’t have to work out. Though, if we want to have that summer body, I guess we have to commit to something, right? Or can we find some way to have a summer body overnight? Luckily enough, we can play Mulan‘s “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” because of its relevance and it gets the blood pumping.

Having To Cook For Yourself

You have to cook for yourself. Sometimes cooking can be fun, you know if you’re making a big pot of spaghetti…For a family of five. See, most people think you can make a small meal of spaghetti and be fine. No, it turns out to be a lot more food for one person.

Believe me, growing up in an American-Italian household, there’s no such thing as a small pot of spaghetti. That’s okay though because you end up with leftovers! Basically, make that pot of spaghetti and eat it until you’re sick or you can give it to your parents.

Living By Yourself

Living by yourself is a big adjustment that you have to do by yourself and no one else.¬† See, you have to make the bills, get your own food, get your own cold medicine, your personal things, it seems like a lot, but sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. When I talk about a blessing in disguise, is you can walk around your house in your pajamas, hold concerts in your showers, basically do whatever the hell you want to. Then you can make your own rules when it comes to visitors and tell them that they need to leave at a specific time. Why look at the negative when you can focus on the positive?

You Can Stay Out Late With The Gang

Once you figured out how much money you have and how much sleep you can get in, you’re ready to hang out with your gang! Everyone needs to hang out with their friends once in a while and what’s a better time when you’re an adult? You have no set rules, curfew and can’t remember the last time you got drunk. It’s always a party when you’re having fun with your friends.

Taking Trips With Your Friends

We all know that taking trips with our friends are better than going alone and boring. Having friends who happen to make everything a blast, is always a great thing. Once you saved up enough money and make sure that you have someone dogsitting for you, you can relax and drink whatever you want by the beach. Also, it’s also fun when you have no game plan on what you’ll be doing when you get to your destination but pray that you have enough funds afterward.

Decorating Your Own Place

Listen, I’m more excited for this one because I get to choose what I want and what things would look great in my place. However, if you end up going to Hobby Lobby or IKEA or any other place, make sure you have a game plan. This is important because if you don’t have a game plan, then you’re setting yourself for failure. Also, how exhausting is furniture shopping? Don’t get me wrong, sitting on a bunch of couches and beds would be fun, but over time it gets tiring. Though, it’s worth it once you figure out your pattern and color scheme.

Letting Go Of Friends

Sometimes letting go of certain friends, is easier said than done.

The reason why I said that, is because you have so many memories with that one friend and yet, you guys have grown apart. It can be time, school, job, etc. and you struggle to maintain that friendship because you have all of these factors causing you guys to drift apart. Maybe at some point, you were deadset having that person be at your wedding, and that’s okay if it’s not going to happen anymore. I know for sure I’ve lost many friendships because of growing part, and things happened in my personal life, but you can look at it as a lesson and move on.

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