David Dobrik Girlfriends 2021: Who Is David Dating Now?




David Dobrik is an internet personality known best for his videos on Vine (back in the day) and YouTube. Originally from Slovakia, Dobrik moved to the United States when he was five years old and currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he continues to pursue a career in entertainment.


Dobrik published his first Vine video in April 2013 and amassed an impressive following on the app. He had over 1.3 million followers and was known for collaborating with other notable Viners, including Gabrielle Hanna, Alex Ernst, Brandon Calvillo and Josh Peck. On his main YouTube channel, Dobrik has over 6 million subscribers and he has also done work for other YouTube channels, such as Second Class.


Fans everywhere are wondering what’s up with Dobrik’s love life these days. Many questions are circulating the internet, but here is some insight into Dobrik’s dating history and current relationship status.

Liza Koshy 2015-2018


After four months of friendship, David Dobrik finally got the nerve to ask out his good friend Liza Koshy and they became a couple in November 2015, although they were quiet about their relationship in the beginning. After six months, Dobrik made a post on Instagram that very straightforwardly confirmed that the two were an item.


Dobrik and Koshy quickly became a power couple on YouTube. Their channels were successful independently of each other, but together, they garnered even more attention and more subscribers. They collaborated on a number of videos, especially their popular challenge videos, and attended the 2017 Streamy Awards together, where both of them won awards.


Dobrik has always been very vocal about his relationship with Koshy, how much he loves her and all of the good that has come out of their partnership, even claiming that he could not have won his Streamy Award without her help and support. He’s posted tons of cute photos of them over the last two years and it really seemed that they were the internet’s “it” couple.


However, the couple has unexpectedly broken up. Koshy broke up with Dobrik six months ago because of situations occurring in her personal life and because she felt like they were drifting apart because they were so wrapped up in their individual lives. Though they have been separated for a while now, they only confirmed it this morning in a YouTube video to their fans.


Best of luck to the understanding but heartbroken David Dobrik–hopefully he will find a girl who is a better fit for him. (Or maybe one day he can reconcile with Koshy. You never know!)


David Dobrik is heartbroken after being separated from Elizabeth Koshy; we hope he recovers quickly.

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